Sunday, 29 November 2009

Artistic Leanings

Yes, I'm still a very peripatetic blogger... Dropping in now and then, scattering whimsical thoughts in my wake! ;-)

Lots has happened lately; lots of ups, a few downs, but at the end of the day, I appear to be Very Happy. Right Now. Which is what matters!

I have just waved goodbye to the wonderful Claire of The View From Here, who was up visiting for the weekend post-her law exams!

Awesome times.

We baked.

We went to jazz.
We wandered.
We had coffee.

We talked boys.
We talked clothes.
We watched Star Wars.
We dressed up as Bears.

It was excellent!

In other news, I also have a dress to (very belatedly) review... The lovely Ceri from Blue Inc sent me this hot little number:

(Wearing: Blue Inc. dress, Eley Kishimoto shoes, M&S cardigan, ToyWatch.)

I absolutely ADORE the painterly pattern, and considering it's only £19.99, it's really well made and a good length for going out - though I will be wearing it with thick black tights!!!! (I just didn't have any to hand at the time, and thus we get my awesomely large and white thighs on show... SORRY!!! ;0D)

I would say that the top bit has a tendency to fall down, but that may be because my boobs are a little large so fall out at every opportunity. A bit of tit tape or the sewing in of straps or a strapless bra will easily solve the problem!

Hopefully I'll be going out a few times in the upcoming weeks, and this dress is a perfect addition to my party outfits!

Right... I must be off. Tonnes of admin to do and parentals turning up in about half an hour. Woop!

More soon. Xxxc


daisychain said...

I LOVE reading about your adventures with Claire!

Kavita @ She Wears Fashion - UK style and fashion blog said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! :) x

Claire said...

Yeyeyeyey!! Fun times! Baking = good. Wish that mug was a Starbucks one ;)

Unknown said...

Dress looks fab on you!

Sin said...

I love that dress, it's gorgeous. Mmm, all the baking goodness is making me hungry and it's still hours away from lunch! :)

Sinta -

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English Rose ♥ said...

your thanksgiving sounds yum and
that colourful dress is incredible!

i am so glad I stumbled across this blog, i shall definately be returning =]

English Rose x

Francheska L said...

I do miss your regular blogging!!!! First of all it looks like you had an amazing time with your friends. love the faux-fur coat she´s trying on! And the one you´re trying on as well!
second: Im very happy that you´re happy.. sometimes some changes is all you need! :)
and third : gosh i love that dress on you! Such an incredible print!!!!!!!!!! :)
What are your plans for the xmas holiday??? xx