Sunday, 16 May 2010

Boater Success...

Morning all!
After a beautifully sunny (if a little chilly at times) day yesterday, it's chucking it down this morning. I'm home for the weekend and desperately trying to get my head together to get dressed and off to lunch at T-B and Becks' in Sarf London. But I thought, before I left, I'd post a photoshoot I got my long-suffering mother to do with me yesterday!!!
The light in the back garden was gorgeous, and I was so hyper about my new boater, that I neeeeeded to get some pictures done! The boater is hilarious, as it's a men's large, but since the price was a steal, I didn't really care... I'm planning a costume-wench bodge (boy-word alert) with a foam ring and some glue!

Wearing: Antique Store Boater find, Gap teeshirt, Jaeger Jacket (courtesy of mother's wardrobe), St Michael (i.e. v.v.v. old M&S) skirt, vintage suede belt, TopShop tights, Kate Kuba boots, 1940's WI badge...
How pretty are those sleeves!!! (And my dad's flowers... :D)
Nattering on at Mother... Standard.
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I do love our old swing... (And yes, that is a farm, and yes, I live on a London underground line, about 20 minutes drive / 30 minutes tube from most destinations in Central London... Oh Yes. Best of both worlds win ;D)
Crouching Tiger... (With a Boater)
Boater in the Bluebells...
LOVE this badge... Another Cambridge antique store find.
Oh, and meet my cat, Jasmine... She's a completely crazy little critter who I adore beyond all other crazy little critters. She was given to us when her owner went to Africa, and when she came back, Jaz had settled in so well, we were given her to keep! She has a habit of sleeping *under* my bed and sitting on people for hours at a time, and is the most lovely reading companion, until she starts chewing the pages... Attention whore!!! ;D

Right, I really should be off... Half an hour before I should DEFINITELY not be here anymore... Oops!


daisychain said...

you look gorgeous dear girl,
have a wonderful day x

Lindsay said...

I love it, love it, love it! The hat is so fabulous. Hope you had fun!

BaronessVonVintage said...

thanks for your kind words on my blog. Yours is LOVELY. Gorgeous outfit (adore the boater!!)

Breezer said...

What a lovely skirt. So pretty! And I love the color combination in this outfit. Very well done.


the skirt is sooo gorgeous and you pull off mustard perfectly! x

Winnie said...

I loooove the boater! Though they do remind me of my primary school days....yup.

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely look, darling!
Adoring that jacket!

Cute kitty too :)