Monday, 3 December 2007


Right, so I've been tagged in The View From Here and now have to tell you 7 'interesting' things about myself... well, i'll do my best anyhoo...

1) I'm obsessed with cathedrals - I'm completely a-religious, but there's nothing I like better than a good archaeo-ecclesiology session to get me going on the geekyness. I work for the archaeological consultant to an architects firm specialising in historic buildings specifically cathedrals every winter.

2) My favourite places in the world are Wells Cathedral, The Rothko room in the Tate Modern and the garden of the Rodin Museum in Paris...

3) I work in the ADC theatre at Cam, as a costume wench, occassional lampie and stitched publicist. I'm publicist on the CUADC committee ( - the overarching uni-wide drama soc that owns its own theatre - ) and am president of the theatre techies association. The latter is basically just about being sociable and organising dinners and garden parties... woo!!!

4) I have double jointed thumbs... it's fun!!!

5) My favourite music is very fixed - I rarely add new stuff to my most-played artists, and as such, I've liked Sarah McLachlan and Black Lab for ages, and it's constantly on my itunes

6) I've got a mildly obsessive personality, which fits the profile perfectly for 'early onset' of chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E. which I've struggled with since I was 12. I was off school for two years the first time around, and for 4 months in my A Level year.

7) I play the tuba and take basic french lessons. I speak a little German and never sing in public.

See, I'm boring! ;-D

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I know that they've all been tagged before, but they're my main reads, and as such, it has to be done!



WendyB said...

The tuba! Very impressive.

bigglassesgirl said...

the rodin garden......amazing place. But last time I went there, it was gloomy and rainy :(

Cassiopeia said...

ooooh, nooooo! rodin + rain mustn't have been fun!
sitting eating strawberries in the cafe is definitely my favourite bit - though slightly surreal last time i went and pierce brosnan was wandering around (very grumpily)with his kids... very wierd!