Friday, 7 December 2007

Theatre theatre theatre...

In danger of turning this into a theatre blog rather than a style-boy moaning hybrid...

The Arsonists was fantastic... I thought Rhinocerous was brilliant, but this one blew me away. They were two such different plays, and each was mesmerising... the actors managed to play their roles in both so well, you wouldn't even know they were performing two completely different plays at the same time.

Anyone in London, I'd advise a trip to see either! Rhinocerous is a theatre of the absurd comedy on individualism and conformity, while The Arsonists is a crushing comment on the destruction wrought by appeasement.

Right, that's my play plug done... Quite tempted to go see one or both again to be honest, though have a feeling finances will constrain me - I have two plays already booked at the Royal Court for January and February, and am lusting after several plays at the National and the Globe for Feb and the summer... I can feel a lot of debit card bashing coming on!

And a lot of trips back from cam to london... oops!

This isn't helped by the fact I'm going to Rome for 4 days in the middle of term... hmmmmmmmm... and I thought this was going to be a non-stressful term... there's a reason college wants us to apply for exeats ya know... bugger!!! hehe




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Emma said...

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