Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Oh Joy! Exams!

So, I'm back in Cambridge for the hell that is Easter term...

Exams are a little way off - they start on the 2nd of June - but I really need to keep on top of work and starting to revise... I've been on a field trip and ill for the last few weeks, so very very behind. Kinda like with this blog!

Well, never mind... Had a non-date date drink with unattainable boy (still in love with ex, leaving for new life in Australia in 3 months) this evening, and really edgy... Would go and kill myself in the gym, but I have a recovering sprained knee and sprained elbow, and having done a little (nurse advised) exercise yesterday, the knee might complain if I forced it this evening... It's not achey or sore, but slightly uncomfy... Oh how I want to be on a bike right now!!! Grumble.

Ah well, I have to be up (far too) early in the morning, so maybe an early night is a better plan?

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