Thursday, 29 May 2008

Odd Crushes

Why is it that I seem to get odd, short-lived crushes on guys I spend a lot of time in close proximity with? In the past it's been the older, wiser publicist with a ginger beard and a wierd wierd personality (apparently he fancied me too, but quite glad now that it didn't go anywhere), and then there was the techie who let me study in his office, but was far too comp-sci-ish... I liked him for a while, then realised I didn't fancy him, was just being needy-post-breakup, and he was on rebound from ex-WIFE! So again, tho he liked me, I ran away. Boy last term was similar, though I didn't run away quick enough - the latter two were far too mild mannered and I didn't actually fancy them at all in hindsight... just liked being liked I guess.

Currently it's 'study-boy' who is really quite cute in a compact, good things come in small packages way... now he's not remotely minging, but not my type - i like to be made to feel girly and small, not massive and like i could squash the guy like a bug ;-D sigh... also, haven't really ever spoken to him - we all live in a room filled with piled-high desks, silence and a coffee machine for the duration of exam term. His friends in the room are different from my friends in the room. The divide seems insurmountable.

Yet sometimes I catch him looking at me, and sometimes it feels like he doesn't notice I exist. All very silly and pointless, and SO a reaction to exam-term madness! It'll all be over in a week and one day!!! Then back to normalcy, and Not fancying him... Therefore - MUST STOP MYSELF DOING ANYTHING SILLY.

The intense crush is annoying as before was just happily going along appreciating 'fit-back-boy' who is possibly one of the fittest boys in college, very popular, cute smile, great stubble, big and manly lol. That was always a pie in the sky fantasy and one which all of us girls could giggle about - we all have different view points, so joked about fancying different parts, and not the whole boy ;-D

Ah, it all seems so 12-year-old-schoolyard... But that's what this term reduces you to! GAH!

Sigh. I hate being single. It's got boring.

Best mate has finished all his exams and his final year project and has gone climbing today. Safe to say it's hate I'm feeling right now ;-D

I must get off back to revision... Yuk.

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