Monday, 16 April 2007

outfit post... #1 of many!!!

okay, here goes... my first outfit post.

this was just to sit around revising - thus the crumpled skirt ;-D i love the vibrant colour of the top and the shape of the skirt (which you can't really see in this pic as the top is too long, but it's pleated and poufy at the top)... the bow belt is actually off the skirt which has loops for it, but cos the top is long and baggy it worked to tame that rather than create a lump beneath...

so... the yellow top and the silver ballet pumps are from primark, the skirt (and its belt) are from french connection, the tights are topshop, and the pendant (just seen behind the camera) is a long ago birthday gift from my parents (the one in the crafting #1 post picture on my desk...) - when i went out to walk off the revision blues, i wore a big grey grannie cardie and took my pink patent primark bag... both will undoubtedly show up in posts soon ;-D

looking at the pic, this outfit makes me smile. yellow is so the colour for right now - easter and all that - and while the grey skirt sobers it a little, the bow and the tights and the silver pumps just make me look rather eccentric. not sure if teal rather than purple tights would've worked better, but we shall see another time!

my silver pumps are having rather a moment in my wardrobe - i wear them with everything... you may notice that any time i wear flats on this blog, they'll be primark, because though i am an advocate of spending huge sums on heels which can bloody well hurt if they aren't well made, and can , in fact, be dangerous if so, flats are all bought on the cheap... and primark happens to do them very cheaply and in styles i love! i almost bought another pair in gold and another in mint green but had to restrain myself... kind of regret that... oh well! these are SO useful! and they don't hurt too much (not in a rubbing kind of way, but in a shin splints way... i'm medically not supposed to wear flats to walk in - extremely short achilles tendon - legs go numb after too much walking in flats... oops!)

hope you like! not particularly interesting, but i think fairly representative of 'smart me' style...

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