Monday, 16 April 2007


I own minimal Topshop... I am a fashion pariah...

A London girl who really doesn't like Topshop is a phenomenon one has to go far to find - but here I am. I rarely pop in to my local branch, never go in them while on holiday, and never stop by the HUGE store when I'm on Oxford Street.



i) I'm the wrong body type - i have boobs, and an arse, and a relatively skinny middle. They just aren't cut right for me.
ii) i can spot a Totally Topshop (TT) outfit from a mile-away, and steer clear.
iii) for the quality, it's WAY too expensive... the materials are cheap and the cuts and colours are too. sorry, but its usually true

Its not that I have anything against it, it just doesn't work for me. i own a couple of pieces - a puffy denim skirt that i've had for several years and is falling apart but is one of the 'cogs' of my style... (in the pic, paired with urban outfitters cardie, custo barcelona top, primark shoes and street seller footless tights)

then there are the tights... the one thing that I go in topshop for... their coloured tights are a work of genius... the colour is deep, the material comfy, light, breathable, and the price is right... shame they don't do more colours. I currently have purple and teal.
Working on getting the neon orange and green ones, and am constantly on the look out on ebay for the fuschia pink ones from a while back... anyone knows where i can find such items - let me know ;-D

otherwise, i have no topshop. sometimes i wonder if i'm too harsh on it. then i visit and my faith in my faith is restored. it's not for me... even when i find a piece i like (twice in the past year... one silver above the knee skirt, one blue and white patterned hippyish silk dress, one pair of ballooning out suit-fabric,oddly cut waistbanded trousers recently seen on MK Olsen below) - i cannot justify shelling out (£35, £40 and £45 respectively) when on further examination, as much as they strike me the first time, the quality just ruins the thing on closer examination...

if i was around for the kate moss at topshop launch, i might stop by. the dresses look cute, if expensive.

but i doubt i'd buy. the collaborations are just starting to annoy me know and rarely, it seems, live up to expectations... doh!

ah well. maybe one day.

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