Tuesday, 17 April 2007

outfit post #2

okay, so i had to move rooms in college today, and about half way through the rather hot and sweaty and exhausting activity, i felt an urge to run out to the charity shop nearest to where i live... on getting there, there was a dress hanging on the rail right by the door that was just in, hadn't even been priced yet...

cute as hell laura ashley dress i'm guessing from the mid 90s... the fabric to which the strap buttons were sewn had been ripped, though i quickly repaired the minimal damage... and the straps are ever so slightly too long but otherwise it's perfect.

so here's the outfit i made with it after i had showered to get rid of the remnants of muggy morning and dusty moving-ness... ick!

sorry about the crapness of the photos... i think my camera is on its last legs!

so, am wearing - vintage laura ashley dress (£5.50 - woo!), gerard weber jacket (traid charity shop find - £3!!!), m&s green jumper, m&s green metallic shoes, teal top shop tights... love it. (apart from the flabbiness of pic numero two, but never mind lol).

i will try and post a pic of the dress including the top when i've shortened the straps... i might also see how it looks cut shorter, maybe with petticoats... but not sure yet...

i love this outfit!

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