Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I'm putting off online purchases for a while...

This of course means just making my wishlist longer...

Choices choices...

1) Purple or Red?

2) Luella or Marc by Marc Jacobs?
3) Marc by Marc Jacobs or Stella McCartney for Adidas?
Please understand that this is therapeutic wishing. 
I am hoping that by abstaining from buying I will forget about them.
Yes, I am That Much in denial.

Both of the pairs of Melissa shoes are from
The teeshirts and bags are from net-a-porter

On another note...
I'm going to try and just do one post a day for the next week or so.
I have 4 essays and a presentation in before Monday, a jazz night I'm bar managing on Friday, an alumni conference, reception, museum tour and black tie dinner I'm organising on Saturday, and the parentals are here on Sunday as I'm reading in chapel, and I've a piece of coursework due a week Friday... 
That's a pile-up even in Cambridge terms, and I need to spend less time online.
At least that's what I'm saying.
Shout at me if I post too much.
Clothes are my escape.
I need to not escape.
No time.

In the interests of content per post... 
I'll probably just amalgamate several trains of thought in one. 
Like now...

Have you guys seen Hedi Slimane's Courteney Love photos? 
I think they're in LOVE magazine.
Rave reviews but haven't read it yet.
These photos are up on his site though...
This one's my favourite:

I really do love Hedi Slimane's photos, for all he gets criticised in the 'hip' press for his use of pretty white boy models and oversexualised imagery... But I think they always make a visual impact which is hard to deny or ignore. I love the use of the veil in these photos. Especially when she's depicted with the "rocker"... Literal and tragic LOVE. Doomed marriage. Sex, drugs, rock n roll etc. Fit. I love CLove for her chaos and ability to put across her fire even through mascara-misted-all-nighter eyes... If I looked that good strung out with no sleep, it'd be a miracle. (Ok, ignoring the blatently obvious skills of a very talented MU artiste on occassion... ;-D) 

Right. I must stop blogging now. 
3 minutes to midnight. 



grace said...

good lord.. the luella x marc jacobs are so delightful. they remind me of coloring books from childhood!

also, the melissa shoes are so quirky! (

a fashionable crime said...

purple, luelle and marc by marc jacobs bag.

Where do you find such great stuff!
i shall deff check it out, haha... along with websites for my 'new' wardobe ;)

Narumi said...

I love the red ones, Luella & MJ bag :)
The picture from Hedi Slimane is gorgeous, he's so talented & Courtney Love is stunning..

Liberty London Girl said...

Red, bien sur. LLGxx

Unknown said...

Purple, Luella, Marc Jacobs! Mmm. With some stone-washed skinnies and a tie-dye scarf? Divine.

I really like your blog too-well written and it's nice to see someone managing to have fun whilst being fashionable!

Kaamiye said...

I've got the purple Melissas, and they are just gorgeoooouus !
(an advice, just so you know, i'm a european 38,5 and i bought a 38, they're a lil small for me, should have bought a 39)