Saturday, 14 July 2007

Away Again... and party follow up.

Dress went down a storm... woo!
Had another evening of love life drama - current boy's good friend, who is supposed to be 'bi with a heavy leaning towards men', decided to tell me he had feelings for me(!!!) right before he was going out to get drunk with the birthday boy, "reverend" who was depressed because the same guy had turned him down... and right before i was due to head to bed-sharing with my lovely. A BIG dampener on everything really.
Ah well, maybe it'll calm down soon. Not much can happen when one is off in the wilds of northern england with little but the sheep and board games to entertain ;) Two weeks, no internet, barely any phone reception...
Why do I do archaeology again?
I'm off to dig up a roman fort in very fetching previous dig tee-shirts and - muddy after the first five minutes - shorts... any pretensions to style will be banished by my trowel wielding! Joyous!
Much love, back soon!

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