Tuesday, 10 July 2007

End of Term...

The End of Term was hugely sad. I have had some ups and downs this year, but such fun in many parts. One of the definite ups was the last two weeks. After exams, we had a period of pure joyful celebration culminating in May Balls at each of the colleges. I was lucky enough to go to two, with my own college's being one of the big ones. I managed to find an absolute knockout of a dress too...

it was bought at 'fairy gothmother' in camden...

7 East Yard
Camden Lock
London NW1 8AL
Tel: +44 (0)20 7485 0365
Fax: +44 (0)20 7428 7513
Website: http://www.fairygothmother.com/index.htm

thinking it's a definite first stop for next year... here are some of my favourites of the rest

they are so lovely in the shop too... t'was really rather amusing as I'm far from a goth and turned up in my lolita-esque GAP dress looking like a right twit, swishing my posh girl hair, and asked the big guy with a mohawk and make-up about finding a dress! he passed me on to a (really rather cute) other guy who I had a lot of banter with as he laced me into the beauty I ended up with... NEVER BEEN HAPPIER in a dress.

my shoes, as usual, were bought from kate kuba... cute little burnished gold things. leather with cut out flowers and bows on the front. bag was a 50p find in Cambridge Scope, the sweet cardie from Miss Selfridge, a panic buy on the day when my beautiful crocheted one I'd been planning to wear went missing... managed to get 15% off due to one of the button loops being broken on top of my student discount... woo! all in all, was very very happy.

sigh. bring on May Ball 08!


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