Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Being an avid reader of other people's blogs, I do occassionally pick up ideas and inspiration. This is my first inspired post... Susie Bubble has her lovies, and last time she asked for submissions I completely forgot to send mine in, so I'm going to make it a running thing on my own blog... lovies of mine posts.

here be the first installment:

1) my porcelain pendant - bought over a year ago on ebay, came with a chain with a faulty latch so wearing it on my favourite twist rope chain...

2) my Ashish sequinned rugby shirt - I don't wear this enough, but I do adore it. Bought as with mother last year, it reminds me of good times and makes me smile whenever my hand brushes over its scratchy surface in my wardrobe.

3) my GAP baggy dress - this gorgeous thing is light and airy cotton - easily creased I must admit, and ludicrously expensive for what it is, but I couldn't do without it. The pic is just a detail of the gorgeous chest panel, but it also has a baggy but structured bottom bit - flaring out from the bottom of the buttoned up bit, pleated and lightly falling, disguising my fat bits ;-D - bought in a 12 for my humungous breasts... normally worn with white open toed, bow-ed flats and a charcoal grey vintage jaeger jacket. The hem flies up in the wind. It makes me feel like a big kid. It was bought on the day I finished exams and has been worn on one of my days in the park with lovely boy. Great memories.

more to come soon!



a said...
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A said...

you will definitely be linked up my friend, and I'm hollering at you for a link too, even though your link list doesn't say 'holler' like mine does, but that's probably because I'm a big loser and you aren't.
and I love that dress, I saw it in a store window and wanted it so bad, but it is pretty expensive so I couldn't get it

Iona said...

ah i have the gap dress too! i think it brings good memories you know. love your blog!