Friday, 24 August 2007

Beauty is Pain


Just got half my body hair ripped out it seems...

My eyebrows have been vaguely troll-like for quite a while and finally took the plunge today and had them tiny-fied... scary to see...

Not quite as scary as the Brazilian bikini wax... Wierdly, I don't scream the house down ( - possibly due to a cocktail of paracetemol and ibuprofen :-s - ) - but it still BLOODY HURT!!!

All in the name of a Parisian holiday to a spa hotel in the centre of the city. Should be amazing. I feel quite like the hair ripping was a cathartic act... not one I like repeating particularly much... but I suppose in this day and age, there are certain things that are beauty givens. And I should, I suppose live up to them.

Grumble. ;-D

- On a related note... I do hope I manage to fit some shopping in this weekend... shoes, handbags, beauty stuff and other accessories are on my list - mainly because mother and I had a big conversation this afternoon about getting my weight down. She has never been one to advocate it, but I'm starting to really suffer self-esteem-wise and I do have some issues with eating to punish myself - so it's a sensible idea to think quite seriously about sorting the size-increase. JOYOUS!!!

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