Friday, 7 December 2007

Theatre theatre theatre...

In danger of turning this into a theatre blog rather than a style-boy moaning hybrid...

The Arsonists was fantastic... I thought Rhinocerous was brilliant, but this one blew me away. They were two such different plays, and each was mesmerising... the actors managed to play their roles in both so well, you wouldn't even know they were performing two completely different plays at the same time.

Anyone in London, I'd advise a trip to see either! Rhinocerous is a theatre of the absurd comedy on individualism and conformity, while The Arsonists is a crushing comment on the destruction wrought by appeasement.

Right, that's my play plug done... Quite tempted to go see one or both again to be honest, though have a feeling finances will constrain me - I have two plays already booked at the Royal Court for January and February, and am lusting after several plays at the National and the Globe for Feb and the summer... I can feel a lot of debit card bashing coming on!

And a lot of trips back from cam to london... oops!

This isn't helped by the fact I'm going to Rome for 4 days in the middle of term... hmmmmmmmm... and I thought this was going to be a non-stressful term... there's a reason college wants us to apply for exeats ya know... bugger!!! hehe



Thursday, 6 December 2007

Home is where the Heart is...

After a rather icky term, I'm so glad to be back on home turf...

I postponed / shortened a bit of work experience down in Southampton so I could come home, rest, recuperate, relax and enjoy home for a little bit on my own before my friends get back from birmingham / nottingham / warwick / southampton and things get going again. When they get back, I'll, as ever, be in a constant whirlwind. Trying to work out how to fit in everything - time for them, time for family, time for uni friends, time for ex-work buddies, time for me!

So yesterday made a rather big splash in the time for me pool.

It all started out rather annoyingly, with oversleeping and walking in the rain to get to the tube... Never fun.

But all turned out ok, as even though I thought I was HORRENDOUSLY late, I was exactly on time to meet my godfather in Canary Wharf... We were having a very serious 'career chat' that I won't bother you with the yawnsome details of internship applications, and 'networking' (zzzzzzzzzzzz), but it was lovely to see him and bond over strong coffee and distaste at a shop window displaying a suit made out of snowman print fabric... ick! ;-D

So, when we were done, and he rushed back off to a very important meeting, I was at a bit of a loose end. I didn't want to go home, as I'd end up doing nothing, and I only have very little time this holiday to indulge in London.

A quick bit of shopping later - gold jeans for monday's led zep concert (friends and family ticket - oh yes! does mean my outfit has to be up to scratch... tho going with mother and other oldies so not as if I'll manage to impress anyone with that entourage hehe!)

Off I went to go through the first of my little homecoming rituals... My trip to the V&A. I was ever so proud of the fact that I managed to fit in both the special exhibitions - lee miller (amazing woman!) and the golden age of couture (some of those dresses!!! sigh...) - as well as my traditional peek into the raphael cartoon gallery and a quick wander round the fashion section.

Being in chelsea always makes me happy. Moving from there to the suburbs may have made my parents' choice of school easier, and given us more space for the endless clutter that stretches through every room of the house, but I can't help but wish we still had those rooms with their view over the King's Road, two minutes away from the cinema and my favourite theatre...

Anyway... I wandered off down the King's Road, stopping for some food shopping, before thinking it might be nice to pop to the Royal Court to see if they had any tickets left for 'Rhinocerous'...

They did - and OMG!!! Brilliant play - absolutely hilarious! I'm going to see 'the arsonists' - the other play in this company's repertoire - tonight 'cos I enjoyed last night's so much... This is, of course, nothing to do with the fact that the lead is shit hot and was giving me the eye in the bar afterwards... (surprised the hell out of me - things like that just don't happen!!!) before I had to run off like blimmin' cinderella because my parents deigned to decide to pick me up on their way home from dinner - feeling like a 12 year old... lol - Darn it!!!

If only I'd left a shoe ;-)

I do find it amusing that I always manage to develop things for stage actors, never film actors... hmmmmmmmmm... eeeen-ter-est-eeeeng!

Right, must dash and do something productive...


Monday, 3 December 2007


Right, so I've been tagged in The View From Here and now have to tell you 7 'interesting' things about myself... well, i'll do my best anyhoo...

1) I'm obsessed with cathedrals - I'm completely a-religious, but there's nothing I like better than a good archaeo-ecclesiology session to get me going on the geekyness. I work for the archaeological consultant to an architects firm specialising in historic buildings specifically cathedrals every winter.

2) My favourite places in the world are Wells Cathedral, The Rothko room in the Tate Modern and the garden of the Rodin Museum in Paris...

3) I work in the ADC theatre at Cam, as a costume wench, occassional lampie and stitched publicist. I'm publicist on the CUADC committee ( - the overarching uni-wide drama soc that owns its own theatre - ) and am president of the theatre techies association. The latter is basically just about being sociable and organising dinners and garden parties... woo!!!

4) I have double jointed thumbs... it's fun!!!

5) My favourite music is very fixed - I rarely add new stuff to my most-played artists, and as such, I've liked Sarah McLachlan and Black Lab for ages, and it's constantly on my itunes

6) I've got a mildly obsessive personality, which fits the profile perfectly for 'early onset' of chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E. which I've struggled with since I was 12. I was off school for two years the first time around, and for 4 months in my A Level year.

7) I play the tuba and take basic french lessons. I speak a little German and never sing in public.

See, I'm boring! ;-D

I'd like to tag-
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I know that they've all been tagged before, but they're my main reads, and as such, it has to be done!


I'm Back!!!

Hello all,

After a dreadful term with the sprain, then a massively rushed show to costume in 3 days, then ill-ill-illness (yes, i'm just plain sickly...) it's the end of term, and I'm relaxing and unwinding and getting back to blogging...