Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Got to Love Sunshine!

Today was so beautiful and warm! A great day for getting out and about as part of Walk to Work Week

It's a great / hilarious website, where everyone taking part from all over the UK gets to log their miles walked over the week, and learn things like how many Muffins they've burnt off, or how many times they've walked to John O' Groats from Lands End!

I've got really into this, unsurprisingly, and am getting out every chance I get... I walk to work every day anyway, but as Boy and I are doing a 26 mile-in-a-day hike in September for the Alzheimer's Society, I thought now would be a good excuse to start getting into good habits before we have to get training properly!

So, this evening, we wandered out over some fields at the back of our estate, and walked off our nommy stir-fry dinner! =D

Considering we did a bit of scrambling up banks and through nettles, I was wearing TOTALLY non-practical outfit...

Sliiiiightly unflattering shorts, (okay, make that Very unflattering shorts...) and a cropped floral / hippy patterned shirt (from Oxfam). I wore these with walking shoes and a big red vintage coat. HOT!!! 

The boys were certainly amused by the flash of midriff! Normally never happens! =D

Those shorts in a slightly more flattering pose, but with a less cute top (Gap tank top from yeeears ago) can be glimpsed again, if you're willing to put yourself through it...

Not sure what I think of the shorts... They're from the Each charity shop again, and shorts are useful in summer. Hmmmmm. To keep, or not to keep, that is the question!!!! Thoughts anyone?