Friday, 22 May 2009

Polka-dotted exam-crazed girl...

Since it's been pretty much a week since my last post, and it's pretty self-evident that I'm being a crappy blogger whose spent the last week in the library, I'll just put up a few photos and not make any excuses. Promise!

So... Today's photoshoot:

Pleated Prettiness! Run, Run, Run!

Anyhoo. This outfit is a work-in-progress, of the Susie Bubble school of not-quite-happy-with but posting-experimentation (though her "not-quite-happy" would make me happy enough to cry ;-D).

And this work-in-process outfit is made up of: "Surprise Inn, SW3" teeshirt from the mothership's wardrobe, navy polka dot pleated skirt from Love Miss Daisy Vintage, peach tights from Topshop, Kate Kuba navy suede heels, Toywatch and my Maptote Cambridge (the Massachusets one ;-D) bag.

My life now revolves around archaeology, not clothes (sob!) so my sartorial instincts are a little off... But I'm IN LOVE with this beautiful "new" (well, vintage) pink, pleated, navy polka-dotted skirt that plopped into my pigeon hole from Love Miss Daisy Vintage last week, along with the aforementioned cocktail dress and a beeeeeeyoooooooteeeeeeeful scarf that the lovely Laura included in my parcel. Oh I Adore that site. Sigh. Not sure about having teamed the mildly unflattering teeshirt with the skirt, but never mind... It was comfy ;-D

On that note, I really need to get back to the library. I've had an hour's more break than I should have and am sleepy, so needs must, or I'll not get anything more done before bed. I will try to post more frequently, as I have another photoshoot, some Amnesty Fashion Show stuff and other bits and pieces to show you as well, but the blog's had to go on the back burner until after finals... Do keep checking in though. I may even post on the weekend... You never know!!! ;-D