Friday, 20 March 2009

Back and Refreshed...

Hello! (Note the bright and breezy greeting...)

I'm back from an uber-refreshing few days away in Canterbury... It was great; filled with plenty of sightseeing, a few choral concerts, a day at the beach, fish and chips on the sea front, several films (I love Kung Fu Panda!), a bit of ferocious debate, much good food, and great company.

And so I'm now returned to Cambridge ready to tackle my dissertation. 

I am Shi-Fu, and Po is those 10,000 words of well-argued, to-the-point discussion of Anglo-Saxon conversion to Christianity... Ka-POW!!!


T-B is off home tomorrow, but we managed a photo-shoot this afternoon, so he could procrastinate from packing and I could put off beginning my slog through the venerableBede's Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum. 

I've decided to have it finished by Tuesday... 

Never. Going. To. Happen.

So we wandered through town, venturing first to the 'tourist spot' of the Corpus Clock on King's Parade... It's new this year and apparently really kwl in the way it was made, but I just like the grasshopper "eating time" and the fact that the tick-tock is supposed to sound like a "chain dropping into a coffin". Hehe. 

Then we wandered through a few graveyards... I like the typography on old gravestones!

And finally, back to college where we admired the college chapel and Lady Margaret Beaufort got me in a whistful mood...

And I got a bit excited about marble...
And we stole Sunday's surplices to play with!
Surplice aside, I'm wearing a black Lux (from UrbanOutfitters) top, Sonia by Sonia Rykiel cardigan, purple leather vintage skirt from Rokit, black stockings - too old to be id'd though knowing my buying habits, and the fact that they're not seamed, I'd put money on them being Wolford Satin Touch, M&S black ballet pumps, Primark bag, an ironstone necklace - a present from a cousin in Australia, and my Toy Watch.

Oh what fun...

Got to love the holidays!


Monday, 16 March 2009

Apologies and a bit of Miu Miu

Having been ill for a few days, I've not been blogging... Sorry! Especially as everyone's been leaving such lovely comments about the photoshoots!

Afraid I'm going to have to leave you all in suspense a little longer as I'm off on a trip to Canterbury, and I am pretty sure that the internet access leaves A LOT to be desired. So I shall hopefully be back on Friday.

I've lost my photographer for a few weeks but will endeavour to provide some pleasant diversions until T-B and his camera are back ;-D

Before I go, however I've got a couple of catwalk insights... I've been a bit behind since LFW, but thought I'd have a peek at Miu Miu today, and have to admit, the clothes brought revulsion and magpie tendencies out by turns...

The first few outfits are... being polite here... odd. Some are completely unflattering even to a model's body (goodness knows what they'd be like on, say, a size 8 or 10 or, god help us, 12 ;-D)

Then we have - lets just stick a piece of fur across the body... Now I'm coming around to fur in some contexts - visually at least, though I don't know if I could wear it myself, but this makes my stomach turn... And this pic wasn't the worst.
I came around to it slightly when 1) Raquel Zimmerman walked (I think she's my favourite model...) and 2) the colours were slightly less dead-and-buried...

Then came some outfits I did rather like... The long but sheer skirts are divine. The layers looks stiff and oh so inviting in a "please scrumple me" way. (Oh I do so love the word "scrumple" :-D)
Aren't these colours yummy? Burgundy and sky blue... SWEET!!!
LOVE the shoes... These may be first on my Fall09 wishlist... YUM!
Loving that rise of colour in the top... I can't really wear sheer myself, but the way the colours are mixed along with textures in this outfit is rather kwl.
Again, yum yum on the colour front. Not quite sure I'm kwl enough to do the burgundy+black+sparkles thing, but you never know! ;-)

Right, I'm being told off for not being in bed recouperating...

Night all!