Monday, 19 September 2011

Beautiful Suiting

Having just been promoted at work, I've got quite into Power Dressing... Having never been a fan of black, I'm now in love with it for its air of professional cool and power.

Cap Sleeve Waist Pleat & Bow Stretch Dress

This new M&S dress is my new favourite... Flattering, appropriate, and washable! The holy grail of work dresses!

Though I am now partial to a bit of black, you can't do without colour... And what is more Colourful than a berry red wool suit?!?!

The skirt especially is easy to wear, warm and incredibly nice on. The wool doesn't crease, and the lining doesn't get staticky with opaques!

And the footwear?

How about some gorgeous black suede heels, with cute triangular straps?

Autograph Suede Wide Fit Court Shoes with Insolia®

I'm such a twenty-something middle-ager, but I'm ADORING M&S this season! =D =D =D