Saturday, 14 July 2007

I miss... Punting

The first of many "I miss..." posts.
Basically me being soppy about uni / home when I'm at the other...
First up, Punting...
Now I don't go very much, but the times I have been have been such fun, and part of this is also missing the course friends I go with...
Punting is very much a Cambridge 'thing'. Oxford do it too, but they punt from the front, which is just WRONG! teehee.
The best way to enjoy punting is to take plenty of alcohol of the g&t variety, cucumber sandwiches and eton mess (meringue, cream and strawberries...) - last time we went out, we also really scared a load of tourists by reading allowed from some of our study tomes (rather sexually explicit about african tribes sometimes...) in the name of revision!


Away Again... and party follow up.

Dress went down a storm... woo!
Had another evening of love life drama - current boy's good friend, who is supposed to be 'bi with a heavy leaning towards men', decided to tell me he had feelings for me(!!!) right before he was going out to get drunk with the birthday boy, "reverend" who was depressed because the same guy had turned him down... and right before i was due to head to bed-sharing with my lovely. A BIG dampener on everything really.
Ah well, maybe it'll calm down soon. Not much can happen when one is off in the wilds of northern england with little but the sheep and board games to entertain ;) Two weeks, no internet, barely any phone reception...
Why do I do archaeology again?
I'm off to dig up a roman fort in very fetching previous dig tee-shirts and - muddy after the first five minutes - shorts... any pretensions to style will be banished by my trowel wielding! Joyous!
Much love, back soon!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

I am a bad bad person

a hypocrite one might say... after damning topshop in an old post, i bought a dress there today...
it was a 5 to 6pm jobbie, rushing around debenhams, having just remembered i needed something to wear for a party tomoro. my current favourite party dress has done the rounds too much of late, and i needed something fresh to put my mind in a new spin... and dashing past the topshop concession, my eyes alighted on what can only be described as an alien-cowgirl dress...

i love it... and as a size 12, it's loose, which makes me happy... in a small small shallow way...
so yes, that is one more topshop item i've got in my wardrobe. considering i managed a discount, and it's cute and fluffy enough to fit in with tomoro's thespy musical theatre crowd (they did oklahoma in lent... i'll fit right in ;D). To be honestly honest, I also needed a dress - and a new one at that to make me feel armoured against all the complications in my love life atm - at least 80% of whom are going to be at the party... doh!
T'will be worn with my metallic green shoes and one of many jaeger blazers with bright red lips and a sunny smile...
Bring on the Topshop wearing... I am ready to join the parade... Love it!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Being an avid reader of other people's blogs, I do occassionally pick up ideas and inspiration. This is my first inspired post... Susie Bubble has her lovies, and last time she asked for submissions I completely forgot to send mine in, so I'm going to make it a running thing on my own blog... lovies of mine posts.

here be the first installment:

1) my porcelain pendant - bought over a year ago on ebay, came with a chain with a faulty latch so wearing it on my favourite twist rope chain...

2) my Ashish sequinned rugby shirt - I don't wear this enough, but I do adore it. Bought as with mother last year, it reminds me of good times and makes me smile whenever my hand brushes over its scratchy surface in my wardrobe.

3) my GAP baggy dress - this gorgeous thing is light and airy cotton - easily creased I must admit, and ludicrously expensive for what it is, but I couldn't do without it. The pic is just a detail of the gorgeous chest panel, but it also has a baggy but structured bottom bit - flaring out from the bottom of the buttoned up bit, pleated and lightly falling, disguising my fat bits ;-D - bought in a 12 for my humungous breasts... normally worn with white open toed, bow-ed flats and a charcoal grey vintage jaeger jacket. The hem flies up in the wind. It makes me feel like a big kid. It was bought on the day I finished exams and has been worn on one of my days in the park with lovely boy. Great memories.

more to come soon!



Rest In Peace, cardigan of gorgeousness... you were only with me a short time, but I truly loved you. Many thanks for the tonne of times you saved an outfit. I praise whatever clothes God there is that you were left in the ADC unclaimed laundry last term for us costume wenches to pick over...

I hate losing lovies.


End of Term...

The End of Term was hugely sad. I have had some ups and downs this year, but such fun in many parts. One of the definite ups was the last two weeks. After exams, we had a period of pure joyful celebration culminating in May Balls at each of the colleges. I was lucky enough to go to two, with my own college's being one of the big ones. I managed to find an absolute knockout of a dress too...

it was bought at 'fairy gothmother' in camden...

7 East Yard
Camden Lock
London NW1 8AL
Tel: +44 (0)20 7485 0365
Fax: +44 (0)20 7428 7513

thinking it's a definite first stop for next year... here are some of my favourites of the rest

they are so lovely in the shop too... t'was really rather amusing as I'm far from a goth and turned up in my lolita-esque GAP dress looking like a right twit, swishing my posh girl hair, and asked the big guy with a mohawk and make-up about finding a dress! he passed me on to a (really rather cute) other guy who I had a lot of banter with as he laced me into the beauty I ended up with... NEVER BEEN HAPPIER in a dress.

my shoes, as usual, were bought from kate kuba... cute little burnished gold things. leather with cut out flowers and bows on the front. bag was a 50p find in Cambridge Scope, the sweet cardie from Miss Selfridge, a panic buy on the day when my beautiful crocheted one I'd been planning to wear went missing... managed to get 15% off due to one of the button loops being broken on top of my student discount... woo! all in all, was very very happy.

sigh. bring on May Ball 08!

excitement at my first little comment! thank you! someone's read my ramblings, and this makes me warm and fuzzy feeling...
so, at the mo, life is fine and dandy, though am being a little disorganised... I go away on the weekend for a few weeks, and am also away on thursday so time is running short to get A LOT of things done. Seeing friends is fun, but I worry I won't be able to fit everything in...
Still hugely confused on the boy front, but in quite a good way. Not too worried. Realised completely over ex, which has made the summer a lot easier - cruising without constantly feeling insecure about where his head's at in comparison to mine... woo!
Clothes-wise, not been too prolific a shopper of late - though did have a mega day about a week ago... bought the most magnificent vintage dress that has since turned into quite a lucky charm... if anyone's interested (and in london) it was bought in Sam Greenberg in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street... a treasure trove!