Sunday, 21 November 2010

Another pair!

So last weekend another pair of jeans arrived! Just before we went on holiday... Awesome timing!

This time, a yummy pair of thin grey stretch denim from Firetrap on, that I was kindly sent as part of a promotion. The 501s are great basics, but I have to admit, the boyfriend prefers these... They do make me feel like I should own a leather jacket and heels with spikes on them!

If I could, I'd do it like this...

Alexander McQueen 


Christian Louboutin 


Helmut Lang 

Okay, so it's not a leather jacket but...

Anyway. Back to the jeans... They're nicely clingy, and don't create too much of a muffin top (- always a problem for me)!  They do slip down slightly at the back, but this is mostly due to me being a weird size, having to wear a 30 inch waist even though most of me is skinnier than that... (Damn thighs! ;])

Still want to try the Levis Curve-ID tho! 

No pics at the mo, as still no camera, but I promise an outfit post soon!