Saturday, 25 April 2009

Popping in...

I had planned to post a tag-catch-up before now, but that's on the back burner 'til I can find my camera in the mess that is my room... 

Anyway, I was having a quick escape from dissertation pain to play on LookBook - my favourite of the Chictopia / Modepass etc type of site... And since my brain is too dead to do anything other than say... "I like." "Pretty." "Want dress." etc - in manner akin to Me Tarzan, You Jane / McQueen dress / Louboutin heels / vintage scarf etc, here is a quick stream of images that have made me smile and feel a tiny jolt of inspiration through my otherwise dead-brain:

- Can I please *be* this girl? She's so cute! And that skirt is calling out to me!

- Not exactly my style, but she looks so great, I'd think about rocking it... LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!!
- Adorable yet naughty with those tights! Love the skinny belt over denim shirt... Wish I could ever find ones long enough to do that without revealing my arse to the world lol.

- LOVE this! Illustration as well as cute pic! Those tights are adorable, and I so want to read a kids book drawn like that... Now. Please. Thank you.
- Looks like such fun! I miss fun. I also NEED those shorts... I'm a sucker for red at the moment!

So there you have it... I popped in... Splurged my tiny little bit of current inspiration... Now I should go drink more red bull, and try to kick my brain into gear over my dissertation case studies... 

61.5 hours 'til IT'S ALL OVER! This makes me want to cry and laugh hysterically at the same time! ;-D Can't wait for the freedom to lie around on the backs, reading Murakami / Dante / Golding, procrastinating from revision, and laughing at my mates looking like complete idiots playing frisbee / croquet / strange made-up games that make no sense...


P.s. I'm trying to keep up with my Google Reader, but am epically behind on comments... Please forgive me, and I promise I'll be back and replying and generally being my usual hyperactive-blogging self! Honest!

P.p.s. Say hello on twitter! I'm constantly updating at the mo. Keeps me a tiny bit sane...

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Dear all,

Just a quick post to say sorry for absence this week. For anyone who ever notices me on Twitter, I'm currently in the midst of crazy dissertation-related-rush-breakdown-whatever and can be found, most days, in a sleep deprived me shaped puddle of brain-seeped-out-of-ears-goo in the same library chair. Lovely image huh.

Hopefully, if I get anything resembling a good night's sleep tonight, inspiration will strike / I'll catch up on a few tags / change out of jack wills trackies and old h&m strappies and into something more normal-functioning-me for photos, but for now, I just ask you to bear with me, keep checking back for posts and saying cheery hellos via comments and twitter. I need all the encouragement in the world at the mo...


P.s. Anyone in Cambridge or nearby... This Sunday is the CU Amnesty Fashion Show at the Cambridge Union. Lily Cole and Sam Roddick of Coco de Mer are speaking, T-B and I will be there as press, and there'll be lots of amaaaaazing clothes on show including Katherine Hamnett and Noir... Tickets are £15-£30 and goody bags can be purchased toooooooooooo! Go to for more info!!! And, of course, I'll be blogging about it post-the-event!

P.p.s. Thanks everyone for the amazing comments on the last post, and support after I got my first hate-comment... I think I'm too brain dead at the moment to even register the "you need to lose 200 stones" and "replace your wardrobe" comment. It actually made me laugh. Isn't that just WIERD! :-D