Friday, 16 October 2009

Puss in (Chelsea) Boots

Ok, so I've got an eensy weensy teeny weeny little bit behind on posting... Not that you haven't been well looked after by T-B! But he has a job, and therefore can't spend all of his life taking photos anymore. Sad times. I have been absent due to the fish-out-of-water feeling that comes with starting afresh on a completely new subject, in a completely new department, though admittedly at the same university. I am now at business school, and this is a far cry from the boat burials and church roofs of previous thought processes. Today's lecture was on Fordism and Scientific management. Yesterday's was on luck and risk. I'm enjoying it, but golly, by brain's getting a bit of a workout!

However, I decided it was high time I took up the reigns here again... And thus follows a very very late post following on from the one about the Romina Karamanea show from LFW! I thought I'd share with you the photoshoot T-B and I did in the afternoon after Claire left me to go swot up for her lawyer-ing exams! (In fact, t'was the same day as a couple of the photos in T-B's post of Borough were taken!)

We began at the BFI cocktail bar - a regular haunt - and progressed along the South Bank to Sawf-of-the-River and Borough. Enjoy!

Velveteen Rabbit In London

NEW HAIR!!! I had had my hair chopped between the fashion show and meeting up with T-B, so I was a *little bit* excited...

See! I *can* be quiet / sensible... Honest!

Sweet and innocent...

Killing the poor duck with my antics...


Gratuitous *Beautiful London* shot... The light was so amazing on Saturday!

Devil in the Detail... Me and my beeeeyooooooteeeeeeful Luella bag, bought in the sample sale I went to at the beginning of the summer (along with a number of other bloggers).

My favourite shot of the day... Preparing for the day I'll be a proper Sarf Lahndahner - i.e. when I've graduated and have a job and an abode. South of the River. OBV!

I was wearing: H&M lace and ribbon jacket, H&M charcoal tee, vintage belt, H&M skirt, H&M crushed velvet leggings, ToyWatch, vintage (mother-acquired) "Chelsea" boots and Luella black leather bag (just seen) and Slow Food Market (by the Southbank Centre) sack-bag.

I really am on a bit of a velvet kick at the moment... These leggings, some Topshop pieces, the spider on the front of my mother's angora jumper from the 80s I've, erm, borrowed:


Right... I'm supposed to be doing stats work. Oh the joys!

I'll be back soon... PROMISE!!!