Wednesday, 20 February 2008

First outfit post in a while!

I haven't quite given up my tendency towards cute print - this one's just lilacy and teeny on a crisp white background. PLus the skirt has a little petticoat and is just cute and puffy enough. I especially liked being able to belt it up and float around in a flirty manner. It was what I wore to our 'anti-valentines' "thursday party" ;-D

Monday, 18 February 2008

Aquascutum A/W 08

Oh how I love the palette that's coming out of A/W 08... Not so hot on the tailoring, but it's ubiquitous so I suppose I can cope ;-D

In the first of several fash-weeks posts - I love these Aquascutum dresses!!!

The colours and arrangement of the blocks on the body are just so gorgeous! Really simple, yet striking... Shame there are no v-neck ones... I couldn't wear one of them due to the sheer size of my boobs... Damnit!!!


P.s. Don't get me wrong, I love my E-cups... But they're bloody annoying at times. It's the whole grass-being-greener syndrome I suppose

After a term spent Trying to work...

I'm back on the blogging bandwagon...

Partly due to a renewed vigour in my search for some sense of sartorial self

and Partly due to my need to procrastinate Further from an essay on medieval death. There's only so many descriptions of leprosy one can read...


In the past two months I've:

a) gotten addicted to granola, blueberries and aubergine dip mixed with sweetcorn

b) lost almost a stone in weight - finally listening to my doctors saying 'you've got a small frame... your bmi may be fine, but you're going to bugger up your joints even more than they already are if you don't eat right and excercise...' oops! - the coupledom / illness / first year of uni / depression weight is going, I'm eating healthily and I'm just about starting to get on track exercise-wise... WOO!!!

c) realised i'm much happier without boy-drama, cut ties and am contented and de-stressed with my group of close close friends who i love more than anything in the whole world, and my 'friend-with-benefits' when I'm home for the hols ;-D

d) realised my wardrobe's undergone a radical switch away from my mother's loathed 'earth mother' dresses and bright, baggy, eye-catching fare to a more slimmed down, classic, still adventurous and slightly eccentric, self-possessed air-ified stance on the whole fashion thing.

e) actually Done my work (well, apart from that one teeny classics essay... lol)

f) stayed out of the theatre more... and seen more plays as a result! David Hare at the Royal Court and The White Devil at the ADC being highlights...

g) not spent much of my weekends in cam - i realise now, more than ever, that it's neccessary for me to escape the bubble as much as possible. Whether it's just to go to the theatre, or to celebrate my birthday joint with my two best mates who turned 21 the week before my 20th, I've loved the return to the big city (or the visit to another city - Rome was such fun), where in a lot of ways, I feel like I can breathe again...

I've probably done tonnes more stuff, but those seem like the important points - right now anyway... The rest of term's looking busy - several dinners, including the one i'm organising, two shows - one professional, one as a favour, trips to london for an opera and a play, and much more besides...

Right... back to the clothes and fun! ;-D


P.s. in an update on 'the ex' - he's still going out with rebound-girl - almost a year now, so not sure it can be classed as such, but hey... Recent photos of both parts of that couple... Not so flattering...
God how I love being bitchy ;-D