Saturday, 11 April 2009

Trying to find a new watch...

Don't get me wrong... I adore my ToyWatch. I wear it day-in-day-out, regardless of whether or not it goes with my outfit. The 'Atomic Orange' colour makes me smile every morning when the satifying click into place occurs, and in honesty, I wouldn't trade this beauty for anything...


In the interests of propriety, and with a number of black tie events coming up, I'm not sure I can always get away with wearing a neon orange, massive, plasteramic watch with silky swishy cocktail or full-length dresses - as much as I'd like to.

So began the search for the perfect dress watch...

My ideal watch has always been my mother's. Slim, metal, discrete. Classic and classy. It's beautiful. Steel and gold band, champagne face, late 1970s Rolex. 

*Basically like this one but with a smaller face and slimmer band*
*Think this is the men's version*

And it has an ace story. Basically, it was thrown at her head by her partner at the time - a Brazilian diplomat - in the middle of an argument... (That's cutting a long, very scandalous story very short... It was the 70s. 'Nuff said.)

Anyway. That's not exactly attainable any time in the near future... Or ever really. And I'm not going to wish for mother to pop her clogs just so I can get her watch lol.

So the search goes on.

First, I tried a gold-chain-with-silver-clock-charm watch, from Bex Rox... But it was far too annoying to have the charm slinging around my arm on far too big, far too tangly, far too tacky (considering the price - £79 and massively reduced in a sample sale) to be a feasible option.
I had also been debating getting a small, pink, version of the watch I already have...

But that would've been cheating... 

And then I was emailed by some lovely ToyWatch people, about their new range... Looking at these "mini-metals" I might just have found a new, exciting alternative!

They apparently aren't stocked in the UK at the moment, but we should be able to get them from the ToyWatch USA site. They're otherwise stocked all over the world - look on the website here.

I'm rather partial to the gold and rose gold ones myself... The silver isn't really me. They're so very pretty, and despite the clear-acrylic bit of the band, which is probably an aqcuired taste, these are rather beautiful, classic watches from a brand that prides itself on bringing classic designs with a twist in materials to a mid(ish)-range, price-point-wise, market. I'm not sure what I think of the diamante-y bits on the watch-face - I don't do bling really - and I'd probably have to see them on to make a final decision... But these are looking like a very attractive watch option.

What do you think?

Woop! Short post! ;-D Don't forget to enter the caption competition from yesterday's post!!!  


Kidnap / Escape, Countryside, Theatre... Oh, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Yesterday evening, I went out to dinner with my best friend, Will.

In honesty, I have four people in the world who I might genuinely refer to in such a way... To me, the term is one I personally don't attribute to the people I've known the longest, or neccessarily to the people who know Absolutely Everything - friendship is a voyage of discovery after all! To me, a best friend is someone I feel completely myself with and trust to be able to deal with all my crap if I need someone to be there for me, without worrying they won't be there the next time. (And it goes the other way, as the million-and-one conversations on the kitchen floor with room-mate attest.)

Will is basically my adopted-big-brother. His mother does actually describe me as "the daughter I never had", so that's pretty much correct... These two photos pretty much sum us up - one was taken at a May Week (in June) garden party last summer, and the other was at a friend's birthday party about the beginning of my 2nd year.

Anyway... Carrying on with my ramble...

Will, being the dashing gent he is, recognised, over dinner, the distress I've been in, and immediately decided that I could not spend Easter weekend in Cambridge, but that I was going home with him to his parents' house in the Hampshire countryside. Let me just point out, that I know his parents very well, and this is not an irregular hide-out for me...

So, at 4am this morning/yesterday, after racing each other down the motorway, we arrived at his. Since then, it's been pouring down with rain, but it's warm and cosy and quiet... Well, note exactly true, as they have a dog and a puppy! (I'll try to post pictures of them before the weekend is out, as they're JUST ADORABLE.) Not managed to do work yet, but that's partly due to exhaustion. And yet I do feel inspired. It may be grey, but the colours of the landscape around are so comforting. The greens and browns and occassional flashes of red and yellow from hedgerows and gardens make me smile...

I was also the happy recipient of benefits of someone else's misfortune. Will's younger brother, who came home from Oxford today, was ill and unable to attend the performance of Merchant of Venice that was on at the Watermill Theatre tonight with Will and his mother, so I was roped into attending too.

Oh yes. Such a hardship. I hate Shakespeare I do. Oh wait. I love Shakespeare. I lied. Very Badly.

The production was directed by Edward Hall (Sir Peter Hall's son), and had an all-male cast. They are doing Merchant in rep with Midsummer Night's Dream, which Sally (Will's mum) went to on Monday and proclaimed as hugely successful. Well, tonight's performance was equally successful. Though the women really annoyed me - partly from inconsistencies and partly because the guy who played Jessica was Just Weak! Basically, it was really well staged, in a prison, with a great set of leads and some really strong acting and direction. Merch can be incomprehensible at times, but this interpretation was affecting and clear in direction and speech from the word go. Brilliant. I just hated that Portia was played like a Tranny, while Jessica seemed to be supposed to be a girly actual-girl which were portrayals neither consistent with each other, nor with the prison-setting, in the case of Jessica. But that's small fry really, considering it was a throughly engaging production of a play I've never before liked. Even the gory scenes like the eye-removal were done well! And the choosing of the box for Portia's hand in marriage - pick which of the gold, silver and lead boxes have Portia's picture in, get the clue right, or otherwise get a skull or a mirror with mean verse attached - was extremely well done. Especially considering the last Merchant of Venice I saw, my mother and I almost shouted "sack the hatter" at bows... They did have silly ones.

So anyway. In the spirit of this week's outfit posts, I do have a few, though please accept my apologies for the wearing of the same dress I wore last weekend! This time, with different stuff, but essentially, not Massively interesting...

- "slaving" at the computer...
- poseeeeer! that fire is so so toasty! this is the annexe downstairs, that is basically a self-contained flat, where I'm working / sleeping for the weekend.

- this weird lavender thing makes me happy!

- reading Conrad by the fire...

I wasn't massively dressed up for the theatre... It being a provincial one, there's no need to think more than country-smart and warmth. So I'm wearing my Acne Jeans, Topshop dress, mother's old charcoal cardigan, Kate Kuba heels and Tiffany tear drop necklace, bracelet and earring set. Relatively standard in a countryfied, comfy way.

Hmmmmm. This was supposed to be a short post... So I might stop there. And go to bed. Lol.

But before I go... Lazy Oaf have a SALE on til Monday... 20% off at the checkout with the code youareggshellent until Midnight, Easter Monday! Check it out! I'm thinking of getting one of these... Maybe...

Night night!


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Radish Delight

I'm not a big fan of radishes as a rule...

They're bitter and hurt my tongue...

On a dress, however...

I think I'm in Love.

Wearing - ASOS radish print dress, charcoal lace up boots from Office, purple tights that were, for some unknown reason, stuffed in my pigeon hole (- when I had one, in 2nd year, as president of the theatre technician's association -) at the ADC Theatre and my trusty ToyWatch. When I went outside, I covered up with my (unseen) massive, comfy charcoal knit long cardigan that I filched from the mothership's wardrobe too long ago to remember... Click on the picture to see it bigger - the print is uber-cute and uber-wierd up close!

These pics amuse me... I look so darn crazeeeeee. Look! Insane glint in my eye? Steely set to my insanely strong jaw? Purple tights indicating I'm ready to attack any second? Stompy boots to kick my enemies out the way?

Oh yeah. Only I can see something fierce in the radish dress too... Radishes? They're like weapons of mass destruction right?

Hehe. Silliness (that I totally understand if you don't get... Don't think I understand the last two paragraphs ;-D) aside: I tried my best, but couldn't quite keep my new-on-today arm strapping out of the picture, so on the left pic, some white tape creeps around my arm. Sorry about that! Went to the physio this morning, and felt optimistic about my various joint-related ailments for the first time in ages... All the typing on an ergonomically unsound laptop has really aggrivated the damaged ulnar nerve in my right arm, but my amazing physio came up with some really helpful strategies to cope with the rest of exam term, and did some pressure point release therapy for my shoulder which has been getting really cramped to overcompensate for the fact my right arm just doesn't work properly.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is, don't type too much on your laptop! Everyone can have problems - not just totally broken me - especially in your back... from typing too much on laptops! They're like the worse thing ever for your neck and spine!

I'm doing the next best thing from getting a new desktop PC ( - hahaha, who can afford a new computer at the moment? - ) and both putting mine on a pile of books to raise my head and getting a separate keyboard and a mouse to go with it to try to reduce the flare-up of arm issues. It's bad enough in three hour exams when my arm goes dead every hour, on the hour, (for which I get legitimate extra time) without my fingers not working pre-exam due to typing on a computer that I shouldn't be working with!

I have to admit... The keyboard and mouse that is currently on its way to me, is not exactly standard. It may be incredibly, sillily girly.

Yes. This is the keyboard set I bought to assist my arm-recovery:
How cute is that?!?! (If you're equally enamoured, find it here.) Haha. Big change from the FIERCE-girl of yesterday eh! ;-D

So... Lecture over...

Two savings-codes today! And they're for reasonably priced but uber-kwl things!

Does anyone like Motel dresses? I got this email from their online shop, Motel Rocks this afternoon, giving people 20% off in their store JUST THIS EVENING so if you like something, type in easter20 at the checkout to get that discount!

Quite enamoured with these, and if I wasn't holding off on any more internet shopping 'til all the returns I've put in the post the past week clear, I'd be in there like a shot - especially that mesh back dress!

Also, the jewellery shop Lady Luck Rules OK are having a Secret Sale... Any purchases from the Fun Rocker Jewellery and Cute Accessories collections are 20% off if you enter the code CHEEPCHEEP at the checkout! That one ends MIDNIGHT (GMT) Easter Monday...

I'm rather enamoured with the "Playmates" necklaces and brooches, and am trying very very hard not to get me some!!!

I've also had a bit of a thing for the love letter from Paris and the bronze kodak camera necklaces for a while...



P.s. Find fashionable apparel and so much more online. No need to even leave the comfort of your own home. The best part is, they're for wholesale clothing prices!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

FIERCE!!! in Studs and House of Holland... (And more savings-fun)

Well, since I managed to have a panic attack at 3am last night, I decided there was nothing for it but to get through my pyramid studs! 

So here are the jeans... DIYed! 

There weren't Quite enough studs to finish a pocket, but almost... I think they're wearable without 'finishing ( - I was going to do a full half pocket - ) if not quite kwl as they are!

I took the whole pocket off, as I preferred the slightly neater look, and unlike in the Jak and Jil photo, black denim just doesn't have the same look, frayed and torn apart!

So... What do y'all think?

I was glad to have these this morning, as it was my first day out and about, working in the University Library - ok, only for a few hours, but still! - rather than in my own room... It felt good, not to float around, as is my usual want, but to stalk around town in black denim and an oversize crrraaaazeeeeeeee tee-shirt from House of Holland... (Claire - this is the one I got in my first foray into Cocosa!) Otherwise, I'm wearing Kate Kuba suede and faux snakeskin shoes and the ribbon of a net-a-porter box as a belt!!! Hehe. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and all that! ;-D

I'm already trying to think of what to do next! (After the AA tees and the Mick Jagger one which may take a while to get here anyway, and ribbons may be a long term plan too...)

I was on Koodos today - they're having an up-to-80%off-sale at the mo on brands like Sara Berman, 7 for all Mankind, T-Bags dresses, Miss Sixty, Betty Jackson, Maria Grachvogel - to name a few - too...

And I saw these:
They are Superfine jeans down from £250 to £60!!! Though my bank account's running fairly low at the moment, at least for purchases over the £10 mark... and I thought... what about trying to stud chevrons onto my black jeans...? Might try and find another pair and do it in gold, but it seems like a fun, if slightly more intermediate plan than the ones I've been making so far...

Any thoughts? Maybe I should hold off on studding everything is sight tho... Hehe.

In other recession-friendly-sales-and-discounts-news:

1) the Tate (museums) online shop is offering a 10% discount with the code 10%Twitter09 - so tempted by the Rodchenko and Popova hammer and sickle scarf still, but my purse will be remaining in pocket, as I know that I get the same discount - without postage - at home due to my discount, but it's a really good deal! I'd also recommend the brooch and tote bag from that range and I'm wierdly attracted to this children's bag:

I just want to cut off those backpack straps and add some felt handles to make it into a cute but eccentric bag to take somewhere like the next Planet Angel party I get to... (For those that don't know, Planet Angel is like a rave, but more hippy... and is a secret... so Shhhhhhh. But I gave you the link, so you can have a look... I haven't been for ages and am SO looking forward to going every month in the summer! Before you write me off as a hard-partying-druggie, I'll put my hands up and say I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do ANY drugs... I just get hyper on sugar and dance... Lots... and Lots... and then throw some glitter at people...)

- back to savings now -

2) - Vivienne Westwood's online shop - is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders OVER £68 until Midnight, Monday 13th April...

3) Don't forget Hervia's current Melissa for Vivienne Westwood shoes, for which the discount code MEL02 still applies, until MIDDAY TOMORROW (Thursday 9th April)!

4) UK Members-only sales

a) SecretSales - quite low end mostly, but they do currently have some Herve Leger dresses reduced massively (talking 2 grand to 350 quid) and good jeans sales...
b) BrandAlley - great sunglasses, had Melissa's for £20 the other day... lots of tat but also lots of gems!
c) - the creme de la creme of online members-only hand-picked sample sales... From House of Holland to Allegra Hicks to Matthew Williamson (clothes), Bex Rox and Laura Lee jewellery, Hunter wellies, Loewe and Pauric Sweeney bags PLUS competitions for jewellery / bags / events etc. AMAZING doesn't begin to describe the discounts on here...

If you want membership, then follow and message me on twitter @cassiopeiadoes so we can private message emails, or comment (with ur email inc'd) on here specifying which one. I'll then send you the code for joining or send invite emails! I won't deny I get vouchers for recommending people and especially on Cocosa, that's an immense thing lol. (I'm on another new one, but it hasn't opened yet so will post that when I know more...)

5) Acne online shop has just opened an IMMENSE outlet store - we're talking 50-70% discount on really great stuff! Go here.

6) ASOS - code that I'm unsure about working... APRILDELIVER gets free delivery on orders over £50. Apparently. It didn't work when I tried, but that was the day that ASOS was malfunctioning a lot...


Deep breath. That was a lot. Thanks for bearing with me... I should really go finish the case study I've been working on all day...

"ox bones... blah blah... ritual deposits... blah blah... monumentalising landscape... lalala... burnt bits of daub... ???... contiguously sequenced buildings... ooooh! bird flew past... ritual continuity... ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!"

It's not that bad, but I'll be so so so glad when this dissertation's over!

*** Sorry this post seems to be all about "promotions" - it's not supposed to be, but I got excited about them all, so thought you might like them too, especially given people's reaction to other 'deals' I've posted... Maybe I'll try to do a weekly save post? Do you want me to? Not sure how long it'd be most weeks, but I can do my best to unearth lots of discounts... If you want? ***

Let me know!


Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Studstudstudstudstudstudstudstud... etc.

So today, I got a bit of a DIY-bug... The brainstorm was mainly as I received (and ordered more) studs to play with today. These are just silver stars and pyramid studs, which I’m using on denim...

First 'play' was with a Top Shop layered frill denim skirt that I studded with a smattering of stars... Mainly for clubbing wear as I’m not this skirt’s biggest fan, but it was on its way out, so thought – in the interests of reduce, reuse, recycle – to do this instead:

Outfit is TopShop denim skirt, H&M white vest, M&S grey lace vest, M&S silver pumps and GAP baby blue men's cardigan...

The pyramid studs are currently being used to convert my 5 year old, rather shabby, black Cheap Monday skinny jeans into something along the lines of this:

 from Jak and Jil blog

Not exactly original, but looking okay so far... Another piece of denim I'd consigned to the 'rarely-wear' part of my wardrobe. They remind me far too much of my 17 year old self, head over heels in love with a blonde, blue-eyed, Harrow(School)-boy-metal-head lol. He liked them as they were the only thing in my wardrobe that was black! Hehe. Not much has changed eh. Except maybe my taste in men... So hopefully this'll give them a new lease of life other than being worn when there's no other option ;-D - I'll post pics when they're done.

I also ordered some skull-shaped studs and coloured (purple and baby blue) pyramids that I'm going to try to persuade myself to use on my beloved AA purple tri-blend tee... I might have to buy a double of it tho. Or get a blue one and play with That! Oh the possibilities!!!

Don't know if my heart can take the risk otherwise! ;-D  Yeeeek! I'm getting all these from the AMAZING ebay seller denk_universe who I cannot recommend enough... They're really quick for shipping, cheap compared to other retailers, and just generally really sweet! Plus the Mexican stamps on my package are just Too Kwl!

Sigh. They're even 'Tajin, Mexico, ARQUEOLOGIA' stamps... How fitting!?!?!? 


I think the skull studs are going to be used for a project along these lines:

- I'm currently waiting for this tee-shirt from voltage.vox on ebay... and I reckon, if I use the studs to attach (along with some sturdy invisible stitching) some velvet ribbon to the sides to pull it in at the waist it could be really fit! I ordered a medium to get some length and loose-ness around the shoulders and neck (which I'll probably cut out anyway ;-D). Thoughts on colour for the ribbon? I haven't been in VV Rouleaux for aaaaages and I can't quite bring myself to buy online as their shops are Such Fun... So this one might have to wait til after I've been home.

In other news... 

I was supposed to be 'smart' and on box office today, so in the ultimate boring outfit, I'm workin' my amazingly amazing grey Acne jeans - I buy a new pair every year in their brilliant online sales lol and they're the only jeans I wear... Slightly different washes, but always Hep style and grey! Unoriginal much. But I suppose I don't wear jeans much, so these do the job and go from casual to smart rather well. Plus a vintage Jaeger silk shirt (missing a couple of buttons - *note to self: replace them before Mother, whose shirt it was originally, cottons on!*), black M&S pumps and necklace from Etsy, yeeeeeeears ago... I got to their shop after a tip from SusieBubble (and I think, from Queen Michelle too, but can't find that post...) - Paraphenalia was the name, but they don't seem to be on there anymore, which is a Crying Shame!

Right... That was supposed to be a short post. Ha ha ha.

Back to the dissertation-grind!!!


P.s. Thank you so so so so so much for all the amazing comments on yesterday's blog post. I was having a really really really bad day (yesterday and today), and they got me through... Hugs. You're all immense!

*Edit* Paraphenalia can now be found at - thanks to Rebecca of The Clothes Horse for that!!!

Monday, 6 April 2009

Another day...

So today is the day I post make-up free outfit photos! It may seem strange to some people that I'm bringing this up, but bear with me - I have some things to get down on (virtual) paper...

Basically, I find it really difficult to do anything in life without my ritual make-up application, and quite a lot of hair brushing, skin touching, deep breathing at the rising anxiety etc.

This probably sounds vain to most people. Obsessive concern with one's appearance? Vain and shallow right?

Well, that's what I try to avoid thinking, because underneath the surface perception of perceived defects and ugliness, that, rationally, I know are at least a tiny bit ridiculous, there is an underlying issue.

I have something called Body Dysmorphic Disorder. This is something which causes excessive concern about one (or many) perceived defects in appearance, and means I can get completely consumed by panic just by looking in the mirror for too long without any make-up to hand. It combines both obsessive and compulsive aspects, and is strongly linked to instances of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ( - guilty as charged! ). It involves some problems with social situations, and can take over your life really easily.

For some people, it leaves them completely crippled - unable to go to work, socially interact, lead normal lives... It can become that consuming. I'm one of the lucky ones. For me, it's not too bad. I have a very low register of the disorder, that I manage easily most of the time. I had a really bad patch when I was ill with CFS / ME, and last year during exams, but most of the time, like the OCD, it is only noticeable to the people who know me well.  Or who try to take photos of me! This is part of the reason I'm doing this blog... Working on photoshoots with T-B is part of my 'training' myself out of the bad reaction I used to have to cameras. So far so good. 

My close uni friends only started noticing when I got addicted to Sour Skittles in the bar, and spend about five minutes sorting them into groups of 4 of the same colour (or two and two)... I then eat them in 4s, and get very protective of the little groups... I count pretty much everything (especially food) in 4s. My room mate has known for much longer, mainly because she has had to sit through many dinners where peas were involved, and I would sit for aaaages, sorting, and eating them in 4s, to her amusement and eventually, once twenty minutes passed, horror!

But it's a big decision for me to put these photos of today's outfits on here. I didn't really go out today, and noone was coming round, so I had one of my 'brave' makeupless days lol. I also tend to change clothes several times a day to cope with how I'm feeling. All part of my strategies, but it does lead to a very messy room! Hehe. My room mate jokes that I change more times in a day than she does in a week! 

So. Deep Breath. Here goes.

- I wore this for a bit of twirling mid-panic attack about dissertation. Cheered me right up! ;-D - in a Betty Jackson "Two" dress, Kate Kuba shoes, Jocasi belt, ToyWatch.
- Worn for most of the day - my favourite American Apparel tri-blend tee, Warehouse skirt, Kate Kuba shoes, ToyWatch, Max C London cardigan...

That's all from me today... I'm supposed to be writing up a case study of conversion (to Christianity from 'pagan') of the landscape of a site in Northumberland... The excavation report is from the 70s and I'm dying here! ;-D


P.s. I hope noone thinks I wrote this post for sympathy / compliments... I just wanted to get it out in the open as an issue which is so rarely talked about. I tend to be quite self-depricating, and this is why... Thanks for reading this far and not writing me of as some self-indulgent crackpot! :-D

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Escaping the madhouse

Having spent yesterday morning wishing I could be out in the sunshine, despairing about work, and watching two of my great mates do the "£10 buttery challenge" - buy £10 worth of cooked breakfast at our canteen and eat it all... involving about 8 sausages, 8 pieces of bacon, mounds of eggs, etc etc... Ick. I could barely eat my 1x baked beans, 1x sausage, 1x bacon, 1x fried egg, 1x orange juice, let alone the two trays full of food the boys forced down lol! 

...I cracked.

Yesterday evening, I decided I needed to get away and have some me time, so I went back to London for the evening. Not to do much, just to mooch...

So, in (what was supposed to be) a short post, here are the collages of the two outfits I wore yesterday, and the one I'm wearing today:
*you should be able to click on them to see the collages bigger...*

- Worn to brunch. (So so so so so scared about getting baked beans down myself!) I love this dress but it is TEENY-TINY! Normally I belt up loose dresses but I think that'd make this one truly indecent lol. 
Wearing a See by Chloe grey t-shirt dress from Net-a-Porter, Rokit black studded cuff, Hush Puppy sheer ribbon lace up oxfords and my ToyWatch.

- Poseeeeeeeeeeeeer! Got to love strange self timer photos... L + R are both somewhere on Park Lane... The middle two were taken in Curzon Square which is just off it. I love that square for its bright flowers and dark architecture. That bit of London is so wierd and a bit of a wasteland people-wise, unless you're in the park or hanging around the Clubs (home-from-home type - like the Carlton, RAF, University Women's (mine) etc, not the dancing type hehe) and the sillily-swanky hotels...
- Wearing Gap dress, Jaeger Blazer - bought for £3 in Canterbury charity shop and has one of the very old labels that are older than me! plus Kate Kuba shoes, Reiss blue belt, vintage scarf and two brooches - one - a leaf, studded with pearls - was my grandma's, the other - a colourful bird in flight - was bought in Canterbury in a weird, cash only hippy shop! 

- This, as well as the above GAP dress, is one of my fail-safes. I love it for its simplicity, and for the lovely neckline. It's getting a little well worn now, as both myself and my best friend, who I share a flat with in college, wear it all the time! *Note to self - check rhubarb I chucked on myself earlier hasn't stained!*
- Wearing TopShop dress, Jaeger blazer, Kate Kuba shoes, brooches.

... Oh, and when I was wondering around Brompton Cross at 8.30 this morning (don't ask... Sunday morning wandering is a habit of mine ;-D), I came upon this darling window display:

Not sure what the shop was, but it's somewhere between Brompton Cross and Knightsbridge, and their display seemed to be about making paper wearable! I love those neckpieces... I especially loved the little touches like the fact that the fashion-drawing tracings were attached to the backing paper by little tiny red stiches, and the paper-skirt has little pieces of origami on it! Such a nice thing to see on a Palm Sunday morning! (Have to admit to have skipped out on the service I was supposed to be going to at St Lukes, because they were processing to Christ Church and my shoes were rubbing haha. Great Lenten atoner I am! ;-D)

Right. Back to work. Or maybe I'll stew some more rhubarb first... Yummy!