Saturday, 11 April 2009

Kidnap / Escape, Countryside, Theatre... Oh, and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Yesterday evening, I went out to dinner with my best friend, Will.

In honesty, I have four people in the world who I might genuinely refer to in such a way... To me, the term is one I personally don't attribute to the people I've known the longest, or neccessarily to the people who know Absolutely Everything - friendship is a voyage of discovery after all! To me, a best friend is someone I feel completely myself with and trust to be able to deal with all my crap if I need someone to be there for me, without worrying they won't be there the next time. (And it goes the other way, as the million-and-one conversations on the kitchen floor with room-mate attest.)

Will is basically my adopted-big-brother. His mother does actually describe me as "the daughter I never had", so that's pretty much correct... These two photos pretty much sum us up - one was taken at a May Week (in June) garden party last summer, and the other was at a friend's birthday party about the beginning of my 2nd year.

Anyway... Carrying on with my ramble...

Will, being the dashing gent he is, recognised, over dinner, the distress I've been in, and immediately decided that I could not spend Easter weekend in Cambridge, but that I was going home with him to his parents' house in the Hampshire countryside. Let me just point out, that I know his parents very well, and this is not an irregular hide-out for me...

So, at 4am this morning/yesterday, after racing each other down the motorway, we arrived at his. Since then, it's been pouring down with rain, but it's warm and cosy and quiet... Well, note exactly true, as they have a dog and a puppy! (I'll try to post pictures of them before the weekend is out, as they're JUST ADORABLE.) Not managed to do work yet, but that's partly due to exhaustion. And yet I do feel inspired. It may be grey, but the colours of the landscape around are so comforting. The greens and browns and occassional flashes of red and yellow from hedgerows and gardens make me smile...

I was also the happy recipient of benefits of someone else's misfortune. Will's younger brother, who came home from Oxford today, was ill and unable to attend the performance of Merchant of Venice that was on at the Watermill Theatre tonight with Will and his mother, so I was roped into attending too.

Oh yes. Such a hardship. I hate Shakespeare I do. Oh wait. I love Shakespeare. I lied. Very Badly.

The production was directed by Edward Hall (Sir Peter Hall's son), and had an all-male cast. They are doing Merchant in rep with Midsummer Night's Dream, which Sally (Will's mum) went to on Monday and proclaimed as hugely successful. Well, tonight's performance was equally successful. Though the women really annoyed me - partly from inconsistencies and partly because the guy who played Jessica was Just Weak! Basically, it was really well staged, in a prison, with a great set of leads and some really strong acting and direction. Merch can be incomprehensible at times, but this interpretation was affecting and clear in direction and speech from the word go. Brilliant. I just hated that Portia was played like a Tranny, while Jessica seemed to be supposed to be a girly actual-girl which were portrayals neither consistent with each other, nor with the prison-setting, in the case of Jessica. But that's small fry really, considering it was a throughly engaging production of a play I've never before liked. Even the gory scenes like the eye-removal were done well! And the choosing of the box for Portia's hand in marriage - pick which of the gold, silver and lead boxes have Portia's picture in, get the clue right, or otherwise get a skull or a mirror with mean verse attached - was extremely well done. Especially considering the last Merchant of Venice I saw, my mother and I almost shouted "sack the hatter" at bows... They did have silly ones.

So anyway. In the spirit of this week's outfit posts, I do have a few, though please accept my apologies for the wearing of the same dress I wore last weekend! This time, with different stuff, but essentially, not Massively interesting...

- "slaving" at the computer...
- poseeeeer! that fire is so so toasty! this is the annexe downstairs, that is basically a self-contained flat, where I'm working / sleeping for the weekend.

- this weird lavender thing makes me happy!

- reading Conrad by the fire...

I wasn't massively dressed up for the theatre... It being a provincial one, there's no need to think more than country-smart and warmth. So I'm wearing my Acne Jeans, Topshop dress, mother's old charcoal cardigan, Kate Kuba heels and Tiffany tear drop necklace, bracelet and earring set. Relatively standard in a countryfied, comfy way.

Hmmmmm. This was supposed to be a short post... So I might stop there. And go to bed. Lol.

But before I go... Lazy Oaf have a SALE on til Monday... 20% off at the checkout with the code youareggshellent until Midnight, Easter Monday! Check it out! I'm thinking of getting one of these... Maybe...

Night night!



Saorise said...

Hehehe. Your blog is so much fun to read! I love your outfits!!!! (where did you get that stripped dress?)
I would enter in the contest, but I'm horrible at creating captions :)

Alyssa said...

I love your dress!
And I have now found so many things that I want from Lazy Oaf :)

Anonymous said...

My Caption:

She says, 'he's basically my adopted-big-brother.'

He says, 'brothers shouldn't wanna get with their sisters.'

have a good easter, glad you enjoyed merchant, definitely not my favourite lol.

trisch xo

Rylie said...

Great blog love <3

Victoria C said...

best friends are the best - sounds like a lovely time except for being ill! happy easter xx

DaisyChain said...

Haha, oh what a wonderful friend.
I wish I could think of a witty caption,
but you's 8:21am and my head is filled with "I don't wanna go to work right now!".

Louisee x said...

I love your radish dress in your previous post! I looked at that dress for a loong time on asos, but I never seemed to have the money, and I just forgot about it.
I ordered a dress for my mum in the sale, this one;

Also, from reading your last post I didn't realise that laptops were so bad for your spine/neck. I always seem to get sore wrists and hands from typing. And i quite often have a sore back, but I just didn't link the two together!

I'm definitely going to try and come up with a caption, maybe when it's not half-past eight in the morning though, haha!


Claire said...

First photo - "Someone I can be 100% myself around... shame it doesn't work the other way - some things shock even me!"

Second photo - "Cassie ponders their 'inappropriate' relationship whilst Will conjectures about churches..."

Sorry, I'm not great at captions (and should be revising!!) but the brooch is too too pretty not to enter! Do not fear, I will be able to post properly in about a week and a half when this bout of exams is over! And the Jaeger jacket will clearly be the first thing...

Winnie said...

It's so great to have people who you feel totally comfortable around. I would say I have two best friends which I can happily sit in total silence with and not feel completely awkward!

I love that Lazy oaf paris tee! I might have to make a quick visit to their website!

Couture Carrie said...

You look fab in the striped dress, darling! Fun post!


alissa said...

sounds like a good escape for the weekend. captions are hard... maybe 'we'll get there one day'

great blog!

Francheska said...

your posts are always so incredibly long that they neve r fail to take at least 10 minutes of my time ! PER POST!
no post ever takes that long! but yours do! Be proud of yourself :D

- Will sounds like an awesome guy! and I completely agree what you say about friendship!

Ok this caption competition is actually fun because i always put captions on photos even if no-one asks me to... soooo

1st: "This would be Will telling me about his teenage years and how all the girls used to fancy the hell out of him...I´m always impressed as you can see even though I know well enough that he is only trying to make me jealous"

2nd: Cassie´s inner voice goes " hmmmm, I know you think I´m listening to you going on about your birthday plans... but I´m actually thinking of how we are going to name our future daughter... Emily? Jessica? ... aha Julliette it is!

Ok this was seriously fun!

Trixie La Belle said...

Love your blog! Great photos =)


Trixie La Belle

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

love your dress!! on my way now to steal it ;)