Friday, 3 October 2008

Office Dressing...

Well, after selling my soul for seventy quid a day, I find myself in a solicitors office in London, 'til it's back to Cam next week, twiddling my thumbs while I wait for someone to find me some photocopying to do. It's wierd to be in an environment where I have to do 'office dressing' - something I've never had to do in a big way. My everyday wardrobe is quite smart anyway, and the jobs I do tend to be either just requiring being presentable (working on a box office) or wearing comfy outdoor-able clothes (lifeguard, archaeologist, leader at summer camp). So... I bought two new pairs of TROUSERS - things I never really managed to buy (except for a pair of peg leg GAP men's ones in the sale a few years ago that I ADORE) - which go against my usual skirts bias... But after 3 days in the office, I find I LOVE them. They're warmer, easier to coordinate at 7.30am when I'm dazed from the earliness, comfy (yes, I get the horrible rubbing thighs thing that makes summer dressing a tad less easy) and I have to admit, make me feel amazing!

The first pair bought were the pair from Isabel Marant Etoile. Having put on a little weight since then (I had a job for 2 weeks which gave me too much extra money for food, so I bought dark chocolate, gluten free biccies and coconut rings every day for two weeks... yuk) they fit, but don't look amazing at the mo... Unlike pair number 2.

Having battled with trouser-buying before, and lost to the point where they just didn't figure on my fashion radar (except jeans, which I am currently weaning myself off...) I have made up my mind that since high street ones are often just so ill-fitting / made out of icky material (yes I'm a snob but I think trousers are the one item of clothing which really really show up such things), I will stick to high end stuff. Obviously not ludicrously expensive, but certainly investment pieces.

So along came my Diane Von Furstenburg high waisted, flared, woolen pieces of gorgeousness. Okay, so I have to wear heels with them (I may be tall, but my legs are stumpy compared to my wierdly long body), but they make me look, and feel amazing - which considering the steps backward with the weight gain, is GREAT! Hopefully, the fact they're on the tight side means I can re-lose this annoying stress-and-free-f00d-weight and they'll still be perfect! They're the trousers on the right in the left salt-and-pepper colour.

So, office dressing sorted. YAY!

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