Sunday, 8 March 2009

Stop Gap.

WOW! Thank you so so so much for all the lovely comments on my last two posts everyone... I'm so so flattered and excited. We had so much fun doing those shoots, and I PROMISE there will be some more soon... 

For the moment though, since today was horribly rainy, I only have one lonely picture from my black tie dinner last night. 

Head and shoulders committee shot: 

Tis moi on the left in an Anna Sui cocktail dress... It's just-above-the-knee length and the skirt's kinda puffy. Its aaaaages old as I had it to wear to a friend's 16th. Scary that that's more than five years ago. Ouch. It's a lovely dress... The white silk at the top goes sheer for the skirt with kinda devore black and purple flowers. The black's the proper silk and the purple's sort of dyed on... It's my psycho-goth-floral dress hehe. If any full length photos surface, I'll put those up, but I was wearing it with an Anya Hyndmarch white woven leather clutch, black ribbed tights and the black heeled oxfords (highly coveted by my fellow committee members who stole one each at the reception in our Director of Studies' rooms lol).

It was a great evening, and since I was sitting next to the after dinner speaker, had rather a lot of fun as he seemed quite happy to NOT talk about archaeology and comment on my friend and I's conversations about sample sales and fashion week! It was rather hilarious. He was one of those old duffer academics who's adorably blustery and "fell" into a lectureship in 1958 because he was the one UK archaeologist who'd been to Columbia twice. Hehe. Wish the world was like that now... Well, maybe I don't.

Anyway, it was brilliant, and I ended up rather tipsy, in the library, until 4am, writing rambling prose about druids. Excellent fun. Though our director of studies was visibly disappointed in all of us leaving at 1, NOT plastered, and apparently off to bed or the library. I did accept a couple of shots of Tsippouro with my red bull, but that's only as I hadn't had any wine earlier... Stoopid allergies! Thus the slightly tipsy hehe.

Speaking of libraries, I should be there now, writing about repatriation. Joys! 

Once again, sorry no outfit today... Rain + T-B had work crisis. So all I have in terms of T-B photography goodness is a funny shot I took of him yesterday... THIS is the boy behind the lens:

Mother offered to take a couple of pictures on my camera, but it was still pouring with rain.

However, we have one non-full length shot that I think was taken mid sniping at my poor long suffering father... Thus the not being silly!

I'm wearing a boring outfit of grey acne jeans, hobbs suede brown boots and green long sleeve gap tee that you can't see. 
What you CAN see is an old purple Jaeger men's jumper, partridge print men's opera scarf (oh, what are they called?!?!) and grandma's brooch... 

Comfy chic ;-D The other side to me, shall we say.

Oh, and this is my crazy mother. Now you see where I get it from. (The hat's all purple.)

All credit to her; she usually looks like this:
If I look this good at fift...**** then I'll be happy!




thefashionlist said...

Ciao bella! I read your comment on the face hunter and i do love to have your comments on my pix
See you there?

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

amazing Anna Sui dress! :)

Sol said...

The dress looks great! It doesn't matter how old it is if it still looks as good as it does on you :)

meliindaa. said...

im looking forward to seeing more pics :]

gennie said...

golden retrievers!! ahhh love <3 hehe

Monica Lee said...

love your blog! and the name (:
Check out my new blog


Alex said...

I've started uploading photos to Flickr of other pics taken on and around our photoshoots if anyone's interested.
Currently just my favourite pics from each set going up

-The Photographer-

Jazmin Balinotti said...

t gustaria leer "la fantasia de Amy Lowrent" y conocer "los dise├▒adores de la historian en moda" ?, hacete seguidor de

The Lyrics To My Heart said...

Love it,
Hey i have changed the name of my blog, it was cherrychapstick
it is now
The Lyrics to My Heart.
so dont be confused!
haha, i wish we had classes like that! xoxo

grace said...

ah love the first photo! mod flowers are excellent.. reminiscent of the chanel-favored camellia!