Saturday, 19 September 2009

Secretary Chic

Gosh I'm bad at this lately... But I'm crossing fingers that I'm going to get my mojo back as I'm starting to get excited about styling again. I've had a good week and have made a select few purchases and started thinking dreamily about the return to the gilded spires of Cam.

Don't get me wrong; I adore London and my people in it, but working where I do has in some ways stifled my love of fashion even as I've been immersed in it. Odd eh!

Something about the worthless feeling that comes of interning. Not for me really.

The rest of the office have spent today organising an event, while I *miraculously* was not called upon to work said a-list extravaganza, and had an extremely fun and fashion-filled day despite non-work-involvement. Woop! More to come on today's adventures in a later post...

Firstly, however, I want to do some catching up!!!

Here is a photo shoot that T-B, his lovely assistant / girlfriend Becks and I did in his set pretty much the night before before I set off home for the summer... So mid-June time. Yikes! Haven't I been a bad blogger this summer!!!

Peeping, Laughing, Not Yet Sleeping...

Wearing: Face a Face glasses, vintage mustard blouse (bought from The Stylish Wanderer), ICB silk skirt, Kate Kuba navy suede shoes, ToyWatch, Vintage silk scarf (bought at Ark Vintage in Cambridge) and vintage navy suede belt.

I went to T-B and Becks' for (yummy scrummy) dinner tonight... Their new flat is AMAZING but it's wierd to think when I return to Cam in a fortnight's time, they'll still be in London. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! They're both grown-ups now!!! Or maybe not... Hehe.

Right. Off to sleep with me... Early rising tomorrow!!!



Alex said...

I feel I should comment to announce that I'l be trying my hand at guest blogging sometime soon with some Borough Market pictures and general food-stuff, maybe some man fashion if I ever find some style under these piles of mess.

Couture Carrie said...

So cute! Love that skirt!


MargieF said...

What a great outfit:) The mustard shirt looks good!

Couture Cookie said...

I hear ya regarding interning.... being at the bottom of the food chain is really exhausting sometimes. Hope you're having a good weekend and I really adore your mustard shirt! xo

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Beautiful skirt--I adore the print!

Claire said...

I do LOVE that blouse, I'm so envious of you for being able to wear mustard!!

And I cannot wait to see pics from yesterday, as I loved most of the show!!!!!!! Fingers crossed we can get to go to another one together!

Erika said...

I think you would make a fabulous secretary, darling! I actually worked as a secretary (or rather, administrative assistant) for a year, and I did not dress as chicly as you - I wore skinny jeans almost everyday! :)

Winnie said...

You look adorable, Love the contrasting colours. Interning is a bitch, so many friends have interned and they definitely work you harder than their own staff! Well done for reaching the end though!

Sabrina said...

yellow calling :)

une petite said...

love your outfit, very nice !