Saturday, 10 October 2009

Brick Lane, a surprising outcome from a visit.

It's me, T-B, once more here with food and musings to accompany the lovely Cassie on fashion.

Today, intending to take lovely pictures of the Brick Lane curry festival, which I imagined would be full of Street food and glorious sights, sounds and smells, I set off with girlfriend in one hand and camera in the other. The day did not turn out as expected, but the discoveries more than make up for it.
Discoveries that included a curious skeleton.
And a head on the floor.

I thought it was a good sign that when we got to Brick Lane, this was one of the first streets coming off it that I noticed. Bacon Lane. A good sign for someone there for food

Street food was what I was hunting for, for which Brick Lane has a good reputation. I was specifically looking for a stall selling the special Green curry which was specially created for the Curry festival this year. However, while there were Japanese;

Middle Eastern

and Chinese
Vendors, I couldn't see any curry. This was about the time I realised that this festival may not be on the street but in the restaurants. So it was time to wander and find a Brick and Mortar place to eat.

And then we found something fully unexpected.

We saw this place, Story Deli Pizzas, where my attention was grabbed by the GIANT spinach based salad I saw someone eating, and the beautiful looking pizzas, so, while in London's home of curry, we (and by that I mean I) elected to have pizza.

Looking at the menu, it was one of those situations where you have 20 choices, and you want all 20, at once. But in the end we decided. I got the Chicken, Chorizo and Sweet Potato

While Becks got a 'La Scala', with spicy sausage and various other delights.
(Here I should probably note that they only used certified Organic produce and seemed like a very ethical establishment all around)
These pizzas were some of the thinnest I've ever had, heading more towards Filo than pizza dough. Crisp yet still chewy (Becks tried to eat hers in the New York slice fashion by bending it, sending shards flying). The toppings were also in perfect proportion, instead of Mozarella, I had Taleggio covering my pizza.
The pizzas didn't last long...
But it was one of those places where you came away feeling happily full but not stuffed and definitely keen to come back. Especially since the dinner plate sized pizzas were a steal at £12 each.

If you're around Brick Lane, definitely give this place a shot.
You can find it at Dray Walk off Brick Lane in Shoreditch


Elise said...

Very interesting post - thanks for the info. Will check this place out for sure..

Couture Cookie said...

You're killing me... I'm sitting here waiting for my laundry to finish so I can go to dinner, and your pics got me even more starving! Looks absolutely delish!

Winnie said...

Oh my goodness, that food looks incredible!

daisychain said...

the food, YUM

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