Saturday, 12 December 2009

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go?

So today, I have managed a two hour bar shift at the theatre, and an epic queue in Borders, and not much else... Post-term lethargic FUG-time. Joys.

But to cheer me up was a dress I'd been sent by the lovely people at Covert Candy, a great site dedicated to both vintage shopping and swapping! It revolves around a "credit-based system" where if someone wants an item of clothing you no longer need, you can send it to them in return for credits you can then spend on someone else's lovely stuff! They also have a section of the site dedicated to a small, but well selected Vintage Emporium run by the site owners, and there, sitting in the Clearance section, was this adorable dress. It has such a cute print and perfect colours... It's definitely about to enter my day dress collection!

Ok, so it's not remotely wintery, but WHO CARES?!

My room is lacking in any accoutrements with which to dress up this little number, as I'm halfway through moving out, and have no high heels due to a bottom-of-the-foot injury a few weeks ago. Thus the outfit photos with bare feet or Converse!

This was my attempt to play with the length... Thoughts?

So, I should really be packing... Instead I was just distracted by boy, then started watching Angel, then started organising holiday theatre... Might leave Cam by 1am. Maybe. Oops!

Night guys! London tomorrow! Woop!



Claire said...

Good dress! I like how it seems to go much shorter with the addition of the belt!

daisychain said...

LOVE that dress,
I'm a huge fan of covert candy!

Couture Cookie said...

The first picture is super cute! I love the colors... who cares if it's "wintery" or not!

Sol said...

You must be in London now... lucky you!

The best clothing pieces are the ones that are versatile, and the fact that you can play around this dress' length does it for me. So cute!

Happy Holidays!

raita 2 said...

nice lipstick, happy holidays! :)

Lily said...

Hi Cass!
Great dress. I love it shorter. You could use the fabric you've cut off to make a belt or a bow around the waist.