Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dancing With Glee!

Okay, so I probably don't have to explain what the Glee phenomenon is right? It's awesome... And pour little ol' moi, one of the best bits about this awesomely amazing tv show is the outfits that Emma Pillsbury wears!

So imagine my happiness when I stumbled across *this* blog today... What Emma Pillsbury Wore.com

They have challenges, and this week, it was to put together an Emma Pillsbury outfit using a Nanette Lepore green cardigan!

So, here is my outfit I put together:

(Nanette Lepore cardigan, Marni dress from Browns, Bottega Veneta handbag from Browns, Christian Louboutin pumps from Barneys and vintage daisy brooch from RockinRubyVintage on Etsy)

I'm not cool enough to have mastered Polyvore, so it's a Paint mashup... But still!

And HOW CUTE is the Marni dress?!?!



Claire said...

Very cute. You know my love of Glee, but mostly of Sue Sylvester. She would say "Ellen, that blouse is insane" and call her a mentally ill ginger pygmy with busy baby eyes. I would say I like the bright colours!! For moi personellement, her style is somewhat twee )I am at heart a rocker), but on you, I think it would be amazing!! Get inspired, Cassie....

Alex said...

Everyone should love Glee! (Also if anyone knows where I can get the Owl necklace/collar thing, point me there, Becks keeps asking for one)

daisychain said...

cute post,
Glee is awfully addicting!

Lily said...

I'm so glad you have returned. I always loved reading your blog.

Gorgeous clothes! I love anything twee :)