Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hosiery Chat

I am afraid I am relatively dull at the moment... Trying desperately to get over the work lull that comes with spending far too much time at the theatre, and not doing essays when I'm supposed to. Like now.

However. I have been on a bit of a vintage binge of late. (Details of some of my finds to surface in posts sooooooooon!) And to go with my vintage things, I have been feeling in need of some shaping and spicing up!!! All of my hosiery at the mo is thick and large and either black, brown, navy or pastel (with a few bright purples and reds thrown in for occasional-wear!

Yet, I used to be the Stockings Queen of my school in Sixth Form. I would wear them most days and pride myself on the fact that I barely laddered a pair a month of the beautiful silky things... I would spend my Sundays investing in a new pair or two, and enjoyed finding new and exciting pairs in vintage shops as well as in Debenhams, Selfridges and online.

So... In a mad moment yesterday, I decided enough was enough of my tights laziness. Alright when I'm wearing coloured tights, but when I'm doing black or brown or nude, I should be taking advantage of the fact that stockings are far more fun and far far better with many many outfits! (None of the under-dress muffin top that comes with a few extra pounds and a pair of short waisted tights that don't quite sit right...)

I ordered a pair of nude Pretty Polly nude holdups from And now, to wait! I had a bit of a browse around MyTights, as it is a site filled with hosiery-yumminess, but I just never go on, as I'm stuck in my Topshop/M&S tights rut. But no more! I also noticed that they are stocking the awesomely awesome Spanx which everyone went nuts over a while back and which, I must admit, saved my May Ball Dress of last year from a tummy-attack! Hehe.

I shall try to post an outfit and comment about the stockings as soon as they arrive!

On a different note: Surprise of the Week was me actually loving some of the pieces from Alexa Chung for Madewell's collection... Seriously. This long peachy skirt is MINE!!!

(Picture from Refinery 29)



daisychain said...

I've never really worn hold ups or stockings, always opting for tights. I'm curious now.

Alex said...

That whole bit and nothing about your fit new Lego watch?

Wanderlusting said...

I wanna see the tights! I love that look, except hold-ups dig into my big fat legs :S

Having an ETSY Giveaway on my blog with multiple prizes - all are welcome to enter!!!



Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

♥Anjulie said...

I love tights! And clothes and fashion and having my own style...I think I'm going to enjoy your blog! ;-)

kirstyb said...

loving that skirt xxxxx