Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Denim Chitchat.

So today I finally bought a new pair of jeans... 

I've been wandering around for months in a far-too-large pair from TopShop I bought to go to Stockholm with - they had to be big to fit my oh-so-very-sexy thermals underneath! But not such a good look to rock around town, I can tell you!

I'd been resisting buying any more denim, but with a looming "long weekend" on the Kent coast with Boy, I took the plunge today, and spent far-too-long in Peter Jones "contemporary-casual" section. (It's actually a John Lewis, it's slightly posher than normal as it's on the end of the King's Road, and has a different name...)

So, to cut a long and boring story short, I ended up getting a standard pair of Levi 501s, which I'm surprised at as they've never suited me in the past. But hey, bodies change, right!

No pics tho, as I am currently without camera. Bugger! 

Apparently women try on at least 10 pairs of jeans before buying one... I can definitely relate to that. The damn things never fit properly. Even these give me slight muffin top. 

I also contemplated Not Your Daughter's Jeans - in which I was an 8!!! HAHAHA!!! It's the extra 2% lycra I reckon... Normal jeans have abut 2% but apparently these have 4%. 

However, I didn't quite have the £130 to spend. Plus, the name slightly put me off! They are really good for flattening the tummy though. If you are looking for basic, straight or bootcut jeans with a high waist that doesn't cut into you try them... I'd possibly have bought them if I'd had the cash, I think.

My only slight annoyance though was that I had been thinking of looking up Levi's Curve ID jeans... You know the ones that are fit according to shape?? 

There's been chatter about them lately, and I'd really like to try them. Has anyone gone there yet? Interested to know if you guys think they're as "revolutionary" as the various press bits and pieces make out...



daisychain said...

I'm in need of jeans, too, I'd love to hear what people think of these.

Grace said...

Great fit! Ugh I hate jean shopping!

Love Grace.

MargieF said...

im in desperate need of some more jeans/trousers for this winter but i literally dread looking for them. i really want to try these new levis so see if the hype is true

Winnie said...

I haven't bought a pair of jeans in the longest time. If I want to wear denim these days I turn to my jeggings. Though nothing beats a pair of comfy lived in jeans. The Levi Curve ID jeans sound/look amazing.


jeans beatifull.thank you:)

Laetitia said...

The pants look really awesome! Have you bought one?