Wednesday, 20 April 2011

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine...

Ah, Sunshine... Nature's best medicine. And today I'm home early from work so can ENJOY it! (Admittedly because I had such bad back pain I couldn't stick the rest of the day in front of a computer and I have plenty of stored up flexi time to use... Bah.)

So here I am, basking in the sun, with my work suit airing on the line, in a white strappy top, green denim skirt and bare feet, feeling on top of the world.

Since I'm still sans camera, here's what I would be wearing if I was wearing clothes that are still in the shops:

Splendid White Ribbed Strap Top, YSL Green Denim Mini, Seiko Gold Watch, Lanvin Leather Heels, Betsey Johnson Bee Necklace, Badgley Mischka Bag

I actually really really really want that necklace... I'm always strangely attracted to things with bugs on, and that is JUST TOO CUTE! =D

Hope you're all enjoying the sun... I'm off to make a cocoa-banana-almond smoothie. Nomnomnom.


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