Thursday, 5 May 2011


After my picture-free carrot cake post the other week, I thought I'd go one better with the lemon-y cake-of-awesomeness Boy and I cooked up for his parental visit the other week.

Okay, so I've finally got my camera up and running... So these pictures aren't exactly of the standard those of you who've been reading for a while came to expect when T-B was around, but they're from the heart!!! ;-D

This is me, post-cake baking, quite proud of the cake, but not wanting to show Quite how proud...

I'm wearing my absolutely AWESOME "Domestic Goddess" Grumpy Cat apron I bought in York at The Cat Gallery - they don't have it online, but I've found it here. (Scroll down a bit.) Not sure why I was wearing my denim shirt with my black and cream print romper. So Not A Match... But I suspect I grabbed the shirt in an "I'M FECKING FREEZING" moment, with little bother made to style!

And here are "My Boys". The most important one is holding the cake. ;-D But given I live with my Boyfriend *and* my Best Mate, they're both quite important! (In case you hadn't worked it out, the former is in the foreground, the latter reaching for something on top of the fridge in the background.)

Got to love Boy's Major Unimpressed Face...

I'm probably going to get in Major trouble for putting this photo up! (Particularly since his hair is slightly floofy. He doesn't think it's a good look. Oops!)

And, a Big Slice of the cake in question... Who'd'a thunk it was mostly courgette!!! =D It was pretty darn awesome too, if I do say so myself!

The recipe is mostly courgette, rice flour, ground almonds and a lot of lemon zest. The jam is strawberry, and the icing is pretty much just soy-margerine, icing sugar and lemon juice. Note the layer of icing in the middle... Boy is a HUGE fan of the trad. Victoria Sponge. This recipe is again from Red Velvet and Chocolate Heartache, my absolutely favourite recipe book of all time! =D

What have you guys been baking lately?

I've had a break since these, but am quite tempted to do some Brownies this weekend... Nomnomnom!



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