Thursday, 5 June 2008

Pouty and Not Revising

Now, I know I complain when I have one exam after the other, but to tell the truth, I wish I hadn't had a 2 day gap between the nightmarish exams and my last one... The last one is actually my most important one, and up until last weekend was the only one I was really revising, but having gotten absolutely exhausted by the three at the beginning of the week, I gave up yesterday, post Roman Cities exam. Not a good plan. I overslept today, and then procrastinated. It's now 9.10pm and I have my exam at 1.30 tomorrow... I can't remember anything, and just can't seem to get down to work! Gah!

Oh well... So I wanted to do my MA in the same field as this paper... who needs MA's? I get a fake one from Cam anyway!

Wish me luck anyhoo! Maybe I'll recapture the exam spirit in a minute... Or maybe I'll go to the gym... Hmmmmmmmm...

Ok, so here's what I'm wearing today... (Tee from realitee at topshop - it has a cute crossed and knotted back, indian elephants necker from charity shop, vintage Jaeger brown tweed blazer with velvet collar from my Mother's closet - it's older than me!!! hehe, Sass and Bide high waisted jeans, Jaeger shoes that were on sale last term, gorgeous crystal dangly earrings - they have a really unusual shape - bought from Nomads in Cambridge)

Pouty much? ;-D


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