Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Honestly... Where have I been?

So, this time I shall make no excuses, except to say I've finished my summer digging and chasing round small children, and am now getting back into summer living, reading and wearing ;-D

Exams went fine in the end. Planning for the next few years - a.k.a. stay out of the real world for as long as possible - goes on apace... Current thoughts include MA at York and then a year at a boarding school in Beijing as a grad teaching assistant.

Anyway... I'm currently on the sofa, having spent 2 days... on the sofa. I'm listening to a radio 4 drama about Cambridge... It's hilarious! Kind of missing the ol' place! Luckily, I'll be back there in about 2.5 weeks for 2 weeks of dissertation work and the glorious fun of a fundraising job in the evenings. I hope to spend at least some of my time off from both these things in Cam's wonderful charity shops... Without all the annoying 'arty' types who usually frequent them...

Tomorrow is the first of my days out in the world post-summer school... I've already decided that I'm going to wear my lovely mustard skirt, eley kishimoto shoesies and Zara blue cardi... But we shall see about the weather!!!!

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