Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Having Hair...

I've been musing a lot about my hair lately.

I'm relatively low maintenance about the shiny brown mane sprouting from the top of my head, but I often wonder whether paying more attention to it might reap more rewards.

I get it cut about every 5 months - I'm lazy and I still go to my hairdressers in London that I've been to since I was teeny-tiny.

Thus, it doesn't happen as often as it should. Otherwise, I rarely blow dry my hair - maybe once a month?! Though it goes in waves. Sometimes I'll use my hairdryer every day for a week, then it'll sit gathering dust in the corner of the living room for months at a time... Naturally dried, my hair is mostly straight, but with a frizzy, curliness to the back. It's usually bouncy enough, and I tend to throw the front section around, and side part it roughly.

Since starting work full time, I've got used to also sticking mousse in my hair, as I air dry it while I walk the twenty minutes down the road to my office. Doing anything complicated with my hair before I drag myself out of the house would significantly reduce the amount of sleep time I get. And I do love my sleep time!

I tend to use Lee Stafford's Ddouble Blow Volumising Mousse, though it is supposed to be used in tandem with hairdrying... I find it easy to use, and good at taming some of the frizz.

Ddouble Blow Volumizing Mousse Photograph
However, I have been finding lately, that it is prone to making the roots of my hair a little lank.

I have also used the hairspray from the same range, but I find that that is too solid-making. If I ever remembered while I was in Boots, I think I'd probably invest in some Elnett hairspray, though I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to associate it with anything other than afternoons spent playing with my Gran's heated hair curler set, when I was sub-ten!

Otherwise, I always use a mixture of Redken and Aussie. I have used Redken since forever, as it's bought by my parents from our salon. I used to use their conditioner, but my hair has always needed intensive taming, and I started using Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (Luscious Long) about two or three years ago to supplement, and then replace the Redken. I've tried replacing the shampoo, as Redken is rather expensive, but I have to admit, I've never been able to find better... A few times, I've replaced Aussie with my housemate's Head and Shoulders conditioner, which worked rather well. Odd thing, that premium shampoo seems worth its weight, while I think you can generally get away with spending less on conditioner, and still having awesome hair. (Not that I think my hair is awesome, but it does have its' moments!)

Oooooh! On an Aussie related note, I managed to completely bugger up posting about their Christmas Fete in London... Crappy of me. I took Claire (the wonderful, sadly departed from blogging, A View From Here writer-turned-lawyer...) and we had a wonderful time sampling spicy prawns, sugared almonds, mulled wine and taking silly photos!

Disclaimer: the rather weird makeup was Not My Fault! Never tell a makeup artist to do "Anything" while in a darkened room, and without knowing whether they have an instinct for what colours suit people... Oops!

Right... Off to find food!

Night night.


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Claire said...

SOOOO fun!!! Loved this, despite the lack of them paying attention to my hair :(