Sunday, 15 February 2009


Ok, so it's been uber-uber-long since I posted properly, and there's probably noone left reading my inane ramblings, but hey... I am going try to start posting a bit more regularly as a) I need procrastination as 3rd years builds up the pressure and b) I need to get in the habit so I'm raring to go for my summer job, which is... 

*miniature fanfare*

WORKING AS A PRESS INTERN AT BROWNS!!! Yeek! The stores on S.Molton Street are AMAZING, and I love everything they stock, so here's to 10 weeks of excitement, working in Fashion PR! No idea yet what I'll wear, what I'll get to do etc. It's at the height of summer, so it'll probably be slow compared to fashion week season, but I think that might be good... Take it slow, be really enthusiastic and build up contacts! 

I don't really know if I want to work in fashion or arts when I graduate (2010 cross fingers) or if I want to go back to the archaeology post-management studies to do a masters and PhD... The latter is definitely what my DoS (Director of Studies) wants me to do, and I'm tempted, but this summer is definitely going to get me used to the idea of work, so I suppose we'll just have to wait and see!

My numero uno concern at the mo is having clothes suitable for my uber-stylish environment. I have no idea if I'll get any kind of store discount or what kind of price-point is going to be expected of me, but I'm thinking about slowly but surely building up my wardrobe which has gotten a little stale of late. Recession may be hanging over us all but I'm in a relatively good savings-position at the mo, and maybe I'll be able to do a bit of work over the coming months to prop my intern-expenses-only-salary up a bit... I've got a couple of shifts lined up at the theatre over the Easter break, and am stage managing a MAJOR May Ball in June for a hundred quid, so that's a start anyway. However, I'm also going on a chapel retreat in March and to Ghana for a couple of weeks in September, so I have to prepare for that too. Oh the joys of recession gloominess and no summer holiday payment prospects... I gave up my summer camp job for this internship, so bye bye easy money!

I am relatively happy, however, to just go slowly slowly. Ish. I have my Toy Watch that was bought last summer (though it needs a teeny repair if I can find the warranty...) and the Sonia Rykiel cardie I bought in the Browns sale shop on my way to interview. Those two items, I reckon, got me the job hehe. I got asked why I wanted to do the job and I explained about doing theatre costume, and the importance of clothing in building up any character that you want to present yourself as... The interview was quick, but I enjoyed it far more than my one other - politico - interview for summer stuff. Sigh. I suppose only time will tell where I end up, but hopefully this summer will be Fantabulous.

Today's naughtiness involved the buying of shoes from net-a-porter, which was BAD but OH SO GOOD... I couldn't bring myself to get them delivered in the black boxes. I'd be too embarrassed! I will post a pic when they arrive. I never know what size to go for, but I went for 39.5 which is my best guess. Knowing my luck, they'll be too small and when I try to exchange they won't have any 40s left. I will say that these shoes are flat, and therefore EXTREMELY naughty for me, little miss physio-tells-me-off-for-wearing-flats-as-my-ankles-are-wierd... Oh well. Time will tell if they're keepers!


P.s. I have some new topshop items - sale purchases of a ruffly light denim skirt and a "DANCE" Rainbow Brite blue tshirt... Love! Here I'm wearing them with my shell pink gap cardigan, generic gray tights and two tone converse. Don't I look happy!
Oh, and AA came up trumps for the first time ever with an orchid purple tri-blend tee. So wanting more tri-blend, and almost gave in today after seeing the black jumper on the stylish wanderer ... 

Woah. Uber-long post. Oops!


Claire said...

Wow what a job!!! How did you get that one (I'm looking for a fashion-related internship, maybe in Paris...)?

cassiopeia said...

A friend of mine gave me the email of the press lady at browns... I sent her a cv... she invited me to interview... I got 10 weeks instead of the usual 3 months as I'm off to Africa for 2.5weeks (cross fingers) in september ... do you want me to send you the details? I plan to find out about other opportunities while networking like a fiend come summer... I shall give you a heads up prospective paris fun! ;)