Friday, 20 February 2009

Whispers, Wispiness, WASPs

This fine, cold evening, I've gotten very drawn towards faded, wishy-washy colours a la Virgin Suicides... Sofia Coppola's genius film not only has the delectable Josh Hartnett in, and may well be the only Kirsten Dunst film ( - apart from Bring it On which is standard chick-flick-love doesn't count territory - ) that I actually like, but also has GREAT VISUALS...  

I love this film with a passion akin to my geekiness about the lives of saints (trust me, that's BIG)... And this is thanks in no small part to the washed out beauty of the colouring, and clothes, more specifically. 

I started thinking about it because of the StylishWanderer's post yesterday; all washed out greens and pinks and pops of coral rose... Sigh.

So then I went a-wandering through google images and IMDB for...

(Ok, so aside from the colourway, this one's a Josh-ogle...)

Next: An ode to those DETAILS!!! Now I know the first two images are morbid... But I LOVE the stacking of beads in those chintzy-seventiesesque-pastels and the tights and shoes with thefit block heels!!! 

And these reminded me of a post Susie Bubble did a while back, which included this 'Virgin-Suicides-esque' Elena Fernandez Raya photograph! (Not very original, am I? ;-D) I can't find a useful lin k though, so you'll have to make do with Susie's amazingness I suppose... Hehe.

Oh... And can I have a white corsage from Josh Hartnett please? With that plasticky ribbon and the evergreen sprigs? Oh pretty pretty please?

And, of course, the Seminal shot of Kirsten on the playing fields which just sums up the mood and dreaminess of this movie for me...

Which of course (well, to me anyway...) brings up a Studio Ghibli image I have from a friend's music collection (so no source, but go to the wikipedia page instead!)

So anyway... I slept on it, and didn't really do anything about it today... Until, on an EPIC shopping expedition, I ended up with the Noa Noa Spring09. Feast:

Oh, what fun this journey into my brain's special little image-association-game has been!!! The shirt that may have been influenced by these colours / thoughts may work its way into an outfit post soon, and I'll flag it up. Honest!

Yet another EPIC picture-filled, rambly post - apologies - Xxxc

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