Tuesday, 3 March 2009

In the depths...

Well, since Daisy Chain Dreams did an open tag on a 'what's in your bag' post, I couldn't resist... (Also, essay procrastination. Yay! ;-D)

I was going to do close ups, but my camera's crappy...

So, what IS in that pile of stuff?


We have my 4 rotated bags - leather paillette bag (arkclothing),  Red is the new black tote for days in the department library (nicked from a friend lol), tooled brown leather bag - vintage, Antiquity journal bag (nicked from the Arch and Anth museum staff stash of the things) - whenever I'm not in the dept... Oops! I do seem to appropriate totes... 

Ok, then there's glasses (for powerpoints in lectures), apple juice (I'm fasting. Blah), Gant leather purse (quite small but does the job on a day to day basis), monkey purse - present from mother, hair clip (my hair's far too long at the mo...), dinner menu from hall with my best friend and her parents and godparents on Friday, notebook (essential and irreplaceable... I live in fear of losing this one, especially as it's still filled with conference notes from December. Ah! Paranoia!), black leather gloves - present years ago, diary plus car and room key, Smythson address book (pleasingly un-beat-up), green LX tape (the most useful stuff EVER!), book about memory and dark heritage in africa, lined paper, last months dog-eared Super Super magazine, A4 paper supervision work file, Whistles gloves (I love love love these... the leopard's eyes are crystals... yummy!).

Plus make up and pens in the middle.

Quite a mess really, but it works for me! Oh, and my phone (in pocket) and camera (in use) are missing.  

Funsies! Now I have to run to Peterhouse (15 minutes away) and back in time to get to the car park (5 minutes if I run, in opposit direction) for 4.50... Hmmmmm. Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!!! ;-D


P.s. I tag Claire, Grace and Gennie for this btw ;-D


DaisyChain said...

Yay, great stuff =)

tis serendipity said...

Wow that's a whole lot of stuff! =) I have a feeling there'll be loads in my bag should I ever decide to clear it haha I always end up carrying a tote bag along with my handbag to school too. You've got wayyy a lot of totes! Good for random shopping though (save on plastic bags)