Sunday, 1 March 2009


Ok. So I have just found pics of Fall 09 on Hilary Alexander's blog for the Daily Telegraph... And let me tell you, I'm loving it! (Well, what I can see anyway - before comes up after the weekend.)

So, Muiccia Prada was apparently influenced by outdoor clothing (cue waders and tweed), but I certainly see quite a lot of imperial gladiators in here, and perhaps a bit of decadence via red crushed-y-fabrics-y-yumminess.

So loving the knit rompers (espec 2nd pic), and though not quite sure about the waders, I will wait and see for more pics to decide Quite, my take on this collection. But hey. Have a quick gander at these beauties, and knock on over to Jak and Jill blog for their gush about the show :-D

- Tho espec loving the second outfit - it looks so warm and comfy and snuggly! - the third just gives off such a gorgeous, forties-esque vibe... rationing chic meets voluminous handbag! Loving the cut of the bottom of the jacket and the brown belt on black blazer combo... Hmmmmm. The possibilities!
- Not so sure about these three, but enjoying what look like welly warmers on number 1, and thinking about a variation of numero 3 for the next archaeology pub crawl!

- Woop! Can I have ALL of 2 and 3 please? 2's shoes are especially immense, and the drama of those waders + the red is FITNESS! Shorts over rompers... will it catch on?

Overall, loving the palette, loving the drama, loving the outlook for Fall 09! :-D

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