Monday, 2 March 2009

So shoot me... I like sequins...

It has to be admitted... I have a slightly crazy ongoing obsession with Ashish, that arbiter of all things sequin-stylee. Back in SS06, he was producing these:

Vogue UK and Vogue Paris display the wonderfulness that was the sequinned rugby shirts... I have to admit to owning the pink and black one. I barely wear it as I'm so worried about shedding shiny plastic all over the place! 

Here's me in it at a party back before uni...

Anyway... Since then, he's continued churning out be-sequinned marvels, including these beauties.

- Bear with me here. Ignore (or don't) the blue lipstick ;-D - I actually quite like the hair!

- The jacket is great! Hehe.

- A variant on those tuxedo tshirts... I love the flower in the button hole!

- Granny-chic... I would actually get quite a bit of wear out of this outfit.
- Immense jumper. Yum.

- GREEN reindeer! So what I want to turn up to Midnight Mass in ;-D

- This one's on sale for $62 at I think it's quite cute as Ashish-lite. Just add sequins!

Hugs! Back to the non-existently referenced essay that was due in, oh, 8 minutes ago...



gennie said...

i'm always on the lookout for interesting doors! One of my old professors made a photography book dedicated to antique doors during his trips to Europe.


grace said...

first of all, check this out:

I know Marie hates them, but I'm like, so drastically in love with these, I HAD to share them with you.

enjoyy! (I hope! haha!)

HEK said...

Cool! I love those sequins to, I mean of course, they're lovely:) The jumpers with the traditional knitting patterns are so cool.