Sunday, 22 February 2009

Barbour... Mixed Thoughts

In another fit of procrastination, I headed to Dazed Digital and chanced upon a story about SS09 Barbour... And ICK

The only thing I remotely like is the women's polo shirt, as it reminds me of my school netball shirts - in a nostalgico-kick kinda way - but even that is actually not particularly wearable, in my humble opinion... 

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm actually one of those wierd people who thinks Barbour jackets are cool (though I don't own one) and love the smell of them (waxy and yummy)... But WTF?!?! They just look cheap and far too try hard.

AND to make matters worse, they then go and describe the collection as this:

Use of the crest as part of the latest Barbour range is a definitive nod by the clothing house at the Brit prep culture, a quintessentially English lifestyle revolving around historical universities like Oxford and Cambridge, sports like polo and croquet and heavily influenced by affluent British families holidaying in the costal areas such as Cornwall and Northumberland.

Oxbridge? My arse. Anything like that round here is consigned to stash and thus is only worn on the sports field or when nursing a hangover... Noone wears it outside Cam unless they're proud of their sporting achievements more than they give a monkey's about their appearance!

Sorry, but it's hideous.

Ok. Rant over. Look at these lovely pictures of old style Barbour, before it's "makeover" (bleeeeeuuughhhh!)

Ok. I feel a bit better now... Especially after the chictopia outfit from jaja's chic blog made me happy :-D


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