Sunday, 22 February 2009

M by MJ makes me want Autumn to be here again...

Since Cambridge is a city through which artic winds, that would be at home in Siberia, continually blow, from October through April, I truly loved the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection... 

It just LOOKED warm!

I can so imagine wrapping up in one of these outfits, Mary-Cassatt-style  sitting out under a tree, at midnight, in the slightly chilly, crisp not wet bit of autumn, toasting marshmallows over a camping stove, and trying to read by torchlight... (Yes, I actually do that!)

It was a return to grunge in a way, but the tartans and layering were not the ultimate touches for me... Those were the lace, the huge scarfs and the billowing trousers tucked into boots. The colour combinations are also going to haunt me for MONTHS! Be still my beating heart. 
And I SO want those knee patch tights... I'm thinking turquoise tights, cut up orange ones and LOTS OF UHU!!! ;-D

Oh for autumn leaves, hiking in the woods, and more than 3 months to exams... Sigh.


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